SAF 2005 - Hotel Pro Forma


Arts Festival 2005


~ The Season of Brilliance ~


26 May – 26 June






Hotel Pro Forma (Denmark)


Asian Premiere



21 & 22 June


8 pm


Victoria Theatre


70 minutes (no intermission)


“…in Theremin, the theatre company has discovered an enormously interesting form through which the entire 20th century narrative of modernity can be filtered.”


– WeekendavisenDenmark


“The performance is music of the air and world history rolled into one”


–        Kristeligt DagbladDenmark


“The sound is obsessive, the fate of Theremin riveting…”


Berlingske TidendeDenmark


Post-show Dialogue with Kirsten Dehlholm


Theremin journeys through a century of inventions and developments in electronic music and world history. Skilfully shaped by a blend of voices and electronically modulated music, the production retells the life and creations of Russian physicist and inventor Leon Theremin, as shaped in part, by significant events in history.


Theremin invented a unique musical instrument in 1920 that is played without being touched and named it after himself. The theremin produces a surreal electronic sound that is emitted from two protruding antennas whenever a hand draws near. The movement of the hand summons different pitches and volumes. Noted for having developed this DNA of electronic music, Theremin also created one of the world’s first prototype of the television, as well as eavesdropping equipment while working for the Russian intelligence service after the Second World War.


Danish theatre group Hotel Pro Forma debuted Theremin in Copenhagen, Denmark in March 2004. Against a distinct musical landscape created by four child musicians performing the theremin, violin and cello, a woman narrates the life story of Leon Theremin through many voices. Lydia Kavina, the world’s leading theremin virtuoso and Leon Theremin's last protégé, also performs.


Conceptualised and directed by artistic director Kirsten Dehlholm, Hotel Pro Forma is critically acclaimed for crossing boundaries and merging architecture, visual art, performance theatre and concert in their productions. With visually stunning stark, contrasting black and white scenes, the polyphonic sound-images and electro-acoustic notes further layer Theremin with vibrancy and colour. Along with Hotel Pro Forma’s unique abilities for creating statuesquely beautiful and sensually challenging tableaux, the entire atmosphere is charged with an eerie, yet mesmerising tension.


A talk will be held with Lydia Kavina on the technique, performing interpretation and compositions for Theremin, on the 22nd of June, 4pm to 5 pm at the Victoria Theatre Terrace. Admission is free and open to members of the public.


Please refer to the attached annexes for more information:


 Annexes  - Synopsis
   - About Leon Theremin
   - Profile of Creative Team
   - Production and Cast List
   - Profile of Hotel Pro Forma