Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Updates


~ A New Season Blossoms ~



28 May – 20 June


Festival Updates


Core Production - Yang Yi and Hang Tian 


Wild Children, the Chinese group which was to present Beijing Folk Rock together with Yang Yi, has withdrawn from the Festival as one of the lead singers had to undergo an urgent surgery and would not be able to recover in time.  Chinese singer, Hang Tian (杭天), will replace the group and perform with Yang Yi instead.  Born in a rural village in Shandong, Hang Tian moved to Tangshan, Hebei when he was nine years old and discovered his love for blues and rock music while he was in a business school in Beijing.  He began performing in local Beijing bars with two foreign students in 1997, under the band, Hoo Tone Blues Band.  His first album, My Heart of Blues, was produced in 1999 and his second album, Cold Water On My Head, was released in 2002. 


Ticket Sales - Sold Out Shows 


The following productions are sold out:

  • Mahler’s Symphony of a Thousand  on 29 May (limited seats available for 30 May)
  • Yo-Yo Ma with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra on 15 June
  • Yo-Yo Ma and the Silk Road Ensemble on 19 & 20 June


Patrons are encouraged to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment.