Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Triology


Triology (Austria)


Around the World in 77 Minutes


 Date:  10 - 12 June 2004, 8 pm
 Venue:  Jubilee Hall
 Tickets:  $42, $32, $22
 Duration:  90 minutes (with intermission)


Sponsored by OCBC Bank


Accommodation by Hotel Rendezvous


“Triology should take its rightful place in the emerging ranks of new chamber music makers, who freely draw on influences from assorted folk traditions, world music and pop, while carefully avoiding the rudiments of classical standards.” – Los Angeles Times

“They play with amazingly athletic virtuosity and seem to have fun doing it.” - The Washington Post


“The performances by Schulze and his fellow members of the Austrian-based ensemble Triology leap with idiomatic fervor, stylish ferocity 

and one thousand percent conviction” - EPulse!


Get set for an exhilarating musical journey as Austria-based string trio, Triology, whisks you off on an animated whirlwind adventure around the world! Comprising Aleksey Igudesman, Daisy Jopling and Tristan Schulze, the concert by the versatile trio promises to be a bold blend of classic and contemporary sounds, spiced with a zany mix of styles and cultures. Expect to hear eclectic rhythms, ranging from Irish folk and Viennese music, to Latin and African beats and nightclub jazz. 


Triology was first known by the peculiar name, “Fifty Favourite Spinners”, a combination of the name of the Viennese street, house number and district they were living in. This ensemble of three talented string virtuosos has spontaneously branched out from their classical roots and reinvented themselves by improvising and developing new grooves.  Since their first performance at the Porgy & Bess jazz club in Vienna in 1995, the group has been playing its repertoire by heart. Triology’s onstage presence and ability to connect with their audiences has earned them warm applause in concert halls the world over. 


The Musicians

Aleksey Igudesman, a Russian-Jew who plays the violin, is proficient in Russian, German, English and Spanish.  He was born in Leningrad, St Petersburg, educated in Germany, studied music at the Yehudi Menuhin School in England and learnt Spanish for an ex-girlfriend. 


Violinist Daisy Jopling, who is from London, has a reputation for being kind. She is probably influenced by her father, a top earning lawyer who decided to quit his job and give most of his money to charity. But Daisy is not a typical Londoner as she has a tendency to shed all inhibitions and jump into any lake naked.


Tristan Schulze, a German and the trio’s main composer and arranger, is especially prolific and comfortable in all the different styles he writes in. He is, perhaps, one of the few internationally recognised cellists who has had intensive army tank driving training.  As soon as the Berlin Wall fell, he was off to India for half a year, learning to play the sitar and tabla, and to sleep in a room with no windows.   


This unique grouping of top-notch musicians is known for injecting humour in their performances. So, sit tight as Around the World in 77 minutes sweeps you off to an entertaining musical ride that will keep your feet tapping away!  




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