Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Secreto y Malibu


Secreto y Malibú (Argentina)


Contains scenes that may be objectionable to some members of the audience


 Date:  10 - 12 June
 Time:  8:00pm
 Venue:  University Cultural Centre Theatre
 Tickets:  $42, $32, $22
 Duration:  55 minutes (no intermission)


Post-show Dialogue with Diana Szeinblum


Co-produced by Teatro Municipal General San Martin


Supported by Fundación Antorchas, Fondo Nacional de las Artes


“The characters, even in moments of stillness, convey a huge inner power” ~ La Nacion


“Bringing down the walls of the impossible.” ~ Buenos Aires Económico


In a masterfully staged work of dance and theatre, Argentine choreographer Diana Szeinblum captures the bittersweet complexity of the relationship between women, portraying them as strong yet sometimes unruly beings.


Secreto y Malibu is intricately orchestrated with a mix of violence, joy, and precision. 

The performance features two young women in search of something to break the monotony of their bleak and hopeless town, and explores the female identity and experience, as well as feminine desires.


In a lonely courtyard set against a rural, surreal landscape, two women engage in both duet and duel, displaying moments of fierce physicality that hint of confusion and fantasy, sensuality and despair. One moment, Malibú ( Leticia Mazur) climbs to the rooftop of the house looking for a way out of the tedium while Secreto (Ines Rampoldi) brusquely tidies the patio below. The next moment, they are rubbing freshly cut onions into their eyes to make themselves tear.


The power of this piece lies in the complex relationship between the women, shown in Szeinblum’s cutting-edge choreography and the outstanding dexterity of the dancers, Mazur and Rampoldi. The pair creates intricate shapes with precise, synchronised movements, and do battle, whisper secrets and console each other with a distinct feminine intimacy.


A Buenos Aires resident who spent several years in Germany studying with dance-theatre legend Pina Bausch, Szeinblum captures some of her mentor’s wild-woman energy but also assiduously asserts her own voice.


Szeinblum has stated that Secreto y Malibu is about what a woman desires, and when she feels nothing is happening, she is forced to create her own dreams and dramas. There are no conclusions to the story, no clear explanations for their predicament. It is a story that leaves audience to script on their own finale.



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