Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham


Helen Herbertson & Ben Cobham (Australia)


Morphia Series




 Date:  8 - 13 June 
 Time:  7.30 pm, 8.15 pm, 9 pm 
 Additional matinees on 12 &13 June
 at 3 pm, 3.45 pm, & 4.30 pm
 Venue:  Esplanade Theatre Studio 
 Tickets:  $28 (Free Seating)
 Duration:  18 minutes  

* 12 out of 24 shows sold out to-date *


Supported by Arts Victoria and the Australia Council


Assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the Australia Council, its arts-funding and advisory body.


“At times robotic, at others wraith-like, Herbertson’s effective movement and choreography are set off imaginatively by superb lighting. A disarming, memorable 4 star show.”


~ The Irish Times, Dublin 2003


“Joy to the twelve who pass through the doors of this wondrous production each sitting.”


~ Stage Left 2002


One woman.  Twelve spectators.  Eighteen minutes of design, light, sound, images and movement. The result - an intense, intimate and compelling treat for your senses.


Indeed, Helen Herbertson and Ben Cobham’s Morphia Series is an exclusive experience between the sole performer (Helen Herbertson) and the 12 people watching this “still, framed picture that moves”.  Named after Morpheus, the god of dreams, the performance is set in a brightly lit box, presenting a surreal experience for the viewer as the show explores the self in a fantasy world. Viewers can look forward to a dream-like experience of “seclusion, solitude, action and disturbance” in this piece, which has been described as an exquisite boutique performance event.


The 50-something Helen Herbertson has been creating and performing works for over two decades.  She has been working together with award-winning lighting designer Ben Cobham for over 10 years, creating a diverse array of award-winning works that blends light, body and structured forms together into a stunning visceral theatre experience for her audiences.


Morphia Series won the Inaugural Award for Independent Dance at the 2003 Australian Dance Awards and has toured Australia, as well as Glasgow, Scotland and Dublin, Ireland.



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