Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe of China


Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe of China



Hua Yue Ying


 Date:  4 - 6 June 2004, 8 pm 
 Venue:  Esplanade Theatre
 Tickets:  $72, $62, $42, $32, $22
 Duration:  165 minutes (with intermission)


Sponsored by OCBC Bank


Hua Yue Ying, a masterpiece created by the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe of China in 2002, promises to dazzle Cantonese opera enthusiasts with its stellar cast and superb production values. Helmed by China’s renowned director Chen Xinyi, this Cantonese opera includes top names such as Ni Huiying, Li Junsheng, and Sun Yehuang, among others.  It also involves established stage and lighting designers such as Gao Guangjian and Hu Yaohui.


The plot, which centres on a tragic love story between a songstress and a soldier in the Qing dynasty, enjoyed critical acclaim when it was presented at the Macau Arts Festival, Shanghai Arts Festival and Hong Kong Arts Festival. At the 8th Guangdong International Arts Festival, director Chen Xinyi, lead actress Ni Huiying, composer Dong Weijie and vocal parts designers Bu Canrong and Huang Jian all garnered first prize for their roles in the production. Hua Yue Ying also won other awards for its exceptional stage, lighting and costume design.


Hua Yue Ying tells the tale of Du Caiwei, a Cantonese opera singer working in the Red Boat Opera Troupe. During one of her performances at a banquet in Yuezhou, the young songstress meets Lin Yuansheng, a young army officer.They fall in love instantly. Unfortunately, the couple incurs the wrath of General He Zhennan, the chief military commander of Yuezhou. When pirates attack, demanding money and pretty ladies from the city, General He takes revenge on the pair, ordering Yuansheng to hand Caiwei over to the pirates. On her way to the pirate ship, Caiwei commits suicide and Yuansheng is dismissed from his post for failing in his duty.


The Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe is renowned for adding a touch of the contemporary to traditional Cantonese opera. As a result, its performances appeal to audiences young and old. The Troupe boasts a rich repertoire of work, with the most popular productions being The Legend of the White Snake and The Story of Mei Anxiang.  A pre-show talk by Chen Xinyi (Director of Hua Yue Ying) and Liang Yunan (scriptwriter of Hua Yue Ying) will be held on 5 June 2004, 6.30pm at the Esplanade Library.




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