Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Golden Bough Theatre


Golden Bough Theatre (Taiwan)


Performed in Hokkien and Mandarin, with English and Chinese surtitles.


Contains strong language and themes not suitable for children.


Date: 15 & 16 June 
Time:  8:00pm
Venue: University Cultural Centre Theatre 
Tickets: $42, $32, $22
Duration: 75 minutes (no intermission)


Post-show Dialogue with Wang Rong-yu


“Life is hard, but we are full of hope.” Butterflies presents realities that happen around us. If my work could be a prayer, I hope that this play could be staged again and again, and that each time we present this play, there would be one less tragedy in this world. - Wang Rong-yu, Director


Golden Bough Theatre’s Butterflies explores the dark, gritty world of lust, greed and violence that leads to the breakdown of a family. The provocative play, which was adapted from a shocking murder case in Taiwan a few years ago, centres on people who are lost in the labyrinth of love


A wife’s deep love for her husband turns into jealousy as her husband endlessly seeks pleasure in the company of other women. His mistress yearns freedom and independence, but never finds true love. Unloved and abused by the family, two children lose all hope and faith, seeking to end their lives. 


Founded in 1993, Golden Bough Theatre is one of Taiwan’s fastest rising theatre companies. This modern theatre troupe distinguishes itself by fusing contemporary theatre practises with Taiwanese folk art and creates plays that draw on folk symbolism to reflect real issues faced by ordinary people. The company is supported by the Council for Cultural Affairs, National Culture and Arts Foundation and Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taipei. 



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