Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents Compañia Rafaela Carrasco


Compañia Rafaela Carrasco (Spain)


La Música del Cuerpo


Asian Premiere


Date: 13 & 14 June 
Time: 8:00pm 
Venue:  Victoria Theatre 
Tickets:  $62, $42, $32, $22 
Duration:  90 minutes (with intermission) 


La Música del Cuerpo, or The Music of the Body, is a visual spectacle divided into three different parts, with each segment linked by the same subject matter – a celebration of the moving body.


In the show, dancers use nature’s basic elements of air, fire and water, weaving in the Andalusian symbols of air, sea and sun to explore the universal themes of love, loneliness and dreams through the music of the body.


The only musical instruments used in the production are the guitar, cello, double bass, piano and percussion so as to enrich the dance without distracting us from it. This musical “silence” allows us to hear “the music of the body”, through the movements and rhythms of the dancers’ bodies.


In La Música del Cuerpo, A Cinco (To Five) is a duet that breathes between music and silence, while the angelic trio in Arcángeles (Archangels) creates music and dance. In the scorching finale, dancers in Tras el espejo y A puertas abiertas (Behind the Mirror) tread on memory to meet the light of life.


Sultry, sassy and smart, Rafaela Carrasco is an award-winning Spanish flamenco sensation lauded at home and abroad for her virtuosity and innovation. She updates flamenco to keep it contemporary, yet retains its traditions with lyricism and passion. 


Carrasco created her own flamenco company in March 2003. La Música del Cuerpo, the first show she has choreographed and directed, premiered in the prestigious Flamenco Festival of Jerez. Carrasco, with her unique style that combines force and sensuality, is considered one of Spain’s finest contemporary flamenco dancers.


La Música del Cuerpo is superb in every aspect – music, choreography and execution. A show not to be missed.



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