Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Presents A-Soon Dance Company


A-Soon Dance Company (South Korea)



The 11th Shadow/Circle-After the Other


 Date:  7 & 8 June 
 Time:  8 pm 
 Venue:  Victoria Theatre 
 Tickets:  $42, $32, $22 
 Duration:  90 minutes 


Post-show Dialogue with Ahn Ae-soon


Supported by the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation


“Ahn searched perfectly to harmonise the motions of Korean traditional dance and western contemporary dance.” - Seong Ki-Suk, Critic 


Leading Korean choreographer Ahn Ae-soon is set to dazzle Arts Festival audiences with two multifaceted works that express contemporary Western and traditional Asian elements  - The 11th Shadow and Circle-After The Other


In The 11th Shadow, Ahn uses modern dance techniques to retell an ancient Korean  tale about Sipjangsaeng, 10 creatures of longevity believed to live an eternal life. The 11th shadow – the shadow of man who comes after the Sipjangsaeng, the 10 creatures, is in search of truth. Man, in the midst of the everlasting Sipjangsaeng, is shown to be weak and helpless creatures.


First produced in 1998, this dance fills the unspoken part of Mansokjunori, the ancient Korean shadow puppet play, with vivid images. Full of Buddhist symbols and images, the shadow play was performed to celebrate the advent of Buddhism in Korea in the early 1900s. The combination of live shadow puppetry and dance represents man’s need to play more, be more flexible and perpetuate the rhythm of life.


In Circle-After The Other, which premiered in Seoul last November, the dance brings out the disorderliness of modern Korea. But Korea is not the only country in chaos, the picture shown reflects every civilisation, nation or society that has a long history.


Now a regular at the Seoul International Dance Festival, Ahn’s life as a choreographer parallels the history of Korean dance. She suffered much hardship in her early days as a dancer but now leads the current of change as a reputed choreographer in Korea. Her strong passion for dance led her to create her debut work, Roots, which started her on her road to fame. A perfectionist, she places a lot of emphasis on technique, which is apparent in The 11th Shadow. She is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards, including a scholarship from the Korean Culture and Arts Foundation and the Grand Prize for The 11th Shadow in 1998 at the Rencontres Choreographiques Internationales de Bagnolet, the prestigious French choreographers’ competition.



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