Singapore Arts Festival 2004 - Outreach Programmes


Outreach Programme


28 May – 20 June


   KIDSFEST  29 May - 2 June 
   Late Shows  28 May, 4, 11, 17 & 18 June
   Weekend Highlights  29, 30 May, 5, 6, 11 - 13 June
   Special Events  29 May - 17 June
   Arts on the Move  30 May - 19 June
   Flipside  28 May - 13 June
   Closing Celebrations  18 - 20 June


Showcasing more than 500 performers from some 100 arts groups from Singapore and the world over, the Singapore Arts Festival 2004 Outreach Programme is set to intensify the level of arts festivities blossoming throughout the island.  Wherever you are, whatever the time of day, the Outreach Programme brings the Festival out to everyone, with many free, accessible and entertaining shows that are guaranteed to thrill.


“The Outreach Programme adds to the artistic vibrancy of the Festival and allows everyone to be a part of the Festival and the arts.  Many events have expanded this year to give an added buzz, including a strong showcase of Asian art forms.  The public can also catch the Festival any time as we have shows that carry on late into the night, and even lasting 24 hours,” says Ms Chua Ai Liang, Deputy Director (Festivals), National Arts Council.


Complementing the Festival’s Core Programme, the Outreach Programme comprises KIDSFEST, Special Events, Weekend Highlights, Arts on the Move, Late Shows at The Arts House and Flipsideat the Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay and Closing Celebrations.


The young and the young-at-heart can look forward to a fun-filled experience at KIDSFEST, jointly presented by the National Arts Council (NAC) and ACT 3 International, and held at the ACS Barker Road Campus.  Kids as young as 4 years can enjoy a dazzling display of dexterity, theatrics and technical wizardry by Lazer Vaudeville from the United States of America.  Older children will identify with the growing pains of Tony in Little Victories, presented by The Little Company, a division of the Singapore Repertory Theatre.  Arts Jamboree, with its host of activities and roving performances, provides more opportunities for young people to satisfy their artistic appetites.


A series of unusual sights will unfold in Special Events.  Singapore’s youth culture unfolds on the streets, with X-treme games, street cheerobics, a graffiti maze and more during the 2-week Street Revolution in Orchard Road.  Catch four grown, bald men as they lock themselves into the Esprit shop window at Raffles City for 15 continuous days, watching the world go by in their Urban Dream Capsule.  E-mail them or watch their every move through communications channels provided by StarHub.  A mythical world unfolds right before your eyes when characters in a life-size cuckoo clock come to life at the strike of the magic hour in El Carillón by Spanish company Compagnia La Tal in Bugis Junction and Woodlands MRT Station.


Indulge in cultural performances and workshops to create ‘living’ or ‘animated’ art during theWeekend Highlights.  Enjoy a night of music, dance and drama performances put together by renowned composers, Mr Iskandar Ismail, Mr Nadiputra (scriptwriter and director) and Madam Som Said (Artistic Director) in Gentarasa.  Thumping rhythms and colours explode in Little India in Maha Mela, a dusk to dawn carnival that ends with a 7-hour marathon Kathakali performance of a story from the Mahabharata epic.  Enjoy an evening of popular stories and Chinese opera under the stars like in the good old days in Rising Stars - Opera in the Park.  Folk Art at Chinatown features young talents from the Dance Ensemble Singapore and Miaomiao Art Ensemble from Guizhou, China.  Storytellers from The Theatre Practice, as well as folk singers, face-painters and candy-makers will also reprise their trade for everyone to enjoy and soak in the bustling Street Theatre atmosphere of old.  Bring friends, family, and even unwanted but reusable material to the Living Art project and create works of art.  Catch animation films in the outdoors in your neighbourhood estate and try your hand at celluloid animation in Moving Pictures.


The Festival’s ever-popular roving series, Arts on the Move, will bring free arts events all over Singapore with performances being staged in parks, shopping malls, near MRT stations and right in the heart of the community.  A highlight is Mr Mamat Magik Melayu, a six-episode, travelling sitcom by Teater Ekamatra, about a traditional Malay medicine man and his family’s hilarious encounters.  Follow the family’s journey to find out if Mr Mamat’s bomoh business will ever go regional.


A series of programmes and promotions has also been lined up at this year’s Festival Club, The Arts House.  People can drop by to soak in the Festival spirit any time, as well as meet and chill out with Festival artists.  The Late Shows, presented by NAC at The Arts House, promises that Festival fun will continue late into the night.  Weekly shows include sensational flamenco, jazz, rhythmic drumbeats by Filipino group Pinikpikan, a fusion of rock music and sounds from the Chinese mouth organ sheng, traditional Malay music with contemporary sounds, and poetry with puppetry.  Festival patrons and artists will also enjoy discounts off food and beverage purchases at the venue’s outlets and catch up with one another over a cuppa or unwind from the nonstop rush of activities this June.  Details of Festival Club promotions and other Festival promotions are available in Annex 2.


Festival fun continues right down to the waterfront with Flipside at the Esplanade.  Catch a wacky line-up of shows that includes late night dance parties, paper characters, madcap Spanish comedians and funky robo-punk artists.


In Closing Celebrations, Dulsori from South Korea – the first Asian group to wind up the Festival – presents Tao, a resonating pulsating percussion display.  The ensemble will electrify audiences with their pulsating beats and flag-fighting games as the show concludes with a spectacular fireworks display.


For more information and the schedule of all events under the Outreach Programme umbrella, please refer to the following Annexes:

Annex 1 - Outreach Programme Schedule

Annex 2 - Promotions for Festival Patrons

Annex 3 - Outreach Ticketing Information