Outreach Programme


Singapore Arts Festival 2003


~ Impressions ~


 Weekend Highlights:  7, 8, 12 - 15 June 2003 
 Special Events:  31 May - 22 June 2003
 Kidsfest:  7 - 13 June 2003
 Arts on the Move:  31 May - 22 June 2003
 Closing Celebrations:  20 - 22 June 2003


Featuring over 80 arts groups from Singapore and around the world, the Singapore Arts Festival 2003 Outreach Programme is set to enliven Singapore with over 400 performers from 31 May to 22 June. With free admission to all events except Kidsfest and Gentarasa, the Outreach Programme offers everyone of any age the chance to experience and enjoy the arts.


"The objective of the Outreach Programme is to bring the Festival to a wider audience and inject an air of festivity. This year there are more large-scale events and also a stronger focus on street arts performances," Ms Chua Ai Liang, Deputy Director of the Programme and International Development Division, National Arts Council.


Organised to complement the Festival’s Core Programme, the Outreach Programme is made up of Arts on the Move, Special Events, Kidsfest, Weekend Highlights, and Closing Celebrations.


The ever-popular Arts on the Move series, the Festival’s popular roving series, will bring free arts performances all over Singapore. With performances happening in parks, shopping malls, community centres, and near MRT stations, it aims to make arts accessible to different sectors of the community as well as to inculcate a love of arts among the heartlanders. Highlights include concerts by local blues band UBLUES who will perform on board a travelling truck, the BLUES Mobile. Mad comic Joe Dieffenbacher (UK) will catch fruits and vegetables on his face, combining culinary slapstick and absurd acrobatics to side-splitting effect. Also not to forget to take a stroll along the breathtaking Waterfront at the Esplanade—Theatres on the Bay where concerts on love songs from the musicals, new world, folk and jazz await music lovers.


The young and the young at heart can look forward to fun-filled experiences at Kidsfest which will feature performances by Spanish theatre group, Yllana and Singapore’s most active puppet company, The Finger Players. Splash!! by Yllana will bring kids through a hilarious adventure and a splashing good time at sea. In Tale of the Red Hill, The Finger Players will use Indonesian-style Wayang Golek puppets to tell the popular Malay folktale of a boy who sacrificed himself to save his village from an attack of swordfish.


Following last year’s success, the Singapore Street Festival returns for the second year as the hotbed for sizzling youth activities. Organised by the Orchard Road Business Association, this two-week long showcase of street arts provides an opportunity for young performing talents and audiences to engage more deeply in Singaporean street culture. Parts of Orchard Road will be transformed into outdoor stages and dance floors and set ablaze by bands, rappers, break dancers, graffiti artists, skate boarders, bikers and much more!


Also not to be missed is the world premiere of the exhilarating Joy Ride, a 19th Century carnival ride and 21st Century video art experience rolled into one. Audiences will recline on a large communal bed and look directly up at a massive circular screen. The combination of shifting images and rotating carousel promises to give audiences a ride they will not forget. Joy Ride is sponsored by Raffles City Shopping Centre by Raffles International.


Indulge in the arts over the weekends at the Festival’s Weekend Highlights. Watch Gentarasa, a Malay dance performance which promises a sumptuous audio-visual treat rich with Malay arts and culture. Be astonished by The Garden, a large-scale installation cum performance, which conjures an entire universe of prehistoric Australian flora and fauna before your eyes with elaborately costumed giant insects crawling on stilts and spiders flying in the air. Join the loveable wire monsters and fill their bellies with recyclable products in the creative family arts programme, Feed Me!. Children can take part in weekend workshops on environmental consciousness and creativity where they will learn to create art and useful objects from discarded materials. Film buffs will get a treat in Eastern Flickswhere locally-made movies such as Eric Khoo’s 12 Storeys, Jasmine Ng and Kelvin Tong’s Eating Airand CheeK’s Chicken Rice War will be screened at Stadium Cove. Not to be missed is also the premiere of Royston Tan’s new short film, 177155.


The Closing Celebrations featuring Arka by Teatr ósmego Dnia from Poland will bring the Festival to a visually stunning close. A multi–level, mobile stage, in the format of a large, winged ship is an embodiment of Noah’s Ark and a symbol of hope for refugees who have lost their homes and homelands. Brought to life by the presence of actors, shining with its metallic sails, and glitteringly changing its shape in the spotlight—the ship moves amidst the audience and finally spreads its purple sails to produce a lasting image of indefatigable wanderers heading for the Promised Land.Arka is sponsored by Lot 1 Shoppers’ Mall by City Developments Limited.


Co-organisers for the Weekend Highlights include Central Singapore CDC, North West CDC, South East CDC and the Singapore Environment Council. Nakupelle, Urban Canvas and Urban Magik from the Arts on the Move are supported by the British Council. Urban Magik is also supported by South West CDC.



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