Festival Updates


Singapore Arts Festival 2003



~ Impressions ~


30 May - 22 June


Two more productions have withdrawn from the Singapore Arts Festival 2003. The San Miguel Master Chorale from The Philippines and Lila Downs from Mexico have both expressed their reservations on coming to Singapore because of SARS.


Refunds for these shows will be available from the SISTIC box office at the Singapore Indoor Stadium from 26 May to 1 June. Details of refund procedures are in Annex 1.


The Council’s SARS taskforce has purchased thermal scanners to facilitate temperature screenings and is working closely with venue providers to minimise inconvenience to patrons. To assure patrons that fever cases will be well taken care of, the Council has also arranged with Alexandra Hospital for volunteer healthcare professionals to be posted at each show.


The Council wishes to remind patrons to be at all performances early to facilitate the temperature checks. The Council also advises those who are unwell not to attend performances. Refunds are available from SISTIC to those who are unwell and unable to attend the shows. A 50% discount on tickets is available to all health and medical workers. Patrons are also encouraged to contribute a voluntary amount to the Festival house programmes, proceeds of which will be donated to the Courage Fund.



  • Annex 1 – Ticket Refund Procedures
  • Annex 2 – Updated Singapore Arts Festival 2003 Fact Sheet