Restructuring of National Arts Council


To meet the challenges of developing the arts and further realise our vision for Singapore's arts scene, the National Arts Council has been restructured with effect from 15 April 2003.


The revised structure aims to facilitate the Council's new strategies in developing arts industries, while enhancing the Council's overall effectiveness in ongoing focus areas. At the same time, it positions the Council to develop the potential of the arts sector as a key component of the creative industries, aiming to unlock the economic possibilities of arts activities in Singapore.


To achieve its objectives, the Council's five key strategies are as follows:

(1) To stimulate Broader and more Sophisticated Demand for the Arts 

(2) To groom Creative Talents 

(3) To facilitate Internationalisation and Enhance Global Connectivity

(4) To nurture Arts Industries

(5) To develop Arts Infrastructure


Under the new organisational structure, a new Arts Business Development Division has been established. It will spearhead business and manpower development in the arts industry, the applied arts and other related industries such as local recording and literary publishing. It will work closely with economic promotion agencies and other partners from the business sector to achieve its aims.


Two Divisions; Audience Development and Corporate Communications & Marketing Divisions have been merged into a single Audience & Market Development Division. The merger will provide greater synergy and enable the Council to accelerate the pace of audience development, as well as continue to play a critical role in arts and design education.


As the national funding agency for the arts, the Council sees its role not just in providing monetary support for the arts, but in developing the overall capabilities of the arts, enabling artists and arts groups to achieve their desired outcomes. Accordingly, what was previously Artist Development Division has been renamed Arts Capability Development.


The Programme Development has been renamed Programmes and International Development Division to reflect the growing importance of the Council's efforts to increase the profile of Singapore arts around the world.


Annex - NAC Organisational Chart