Renewed Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall Breathes New Lease of Life


Artist Impression courtesy of W Architects


Singapore, 3 February 2014 – The grand old dames of Singapore’s performing arts scene – the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall – will return after a three-year refurbishment costing $158 million. Their return fills a gap in the local scene, providing a suitably constructed mid-sized theatre and concert hall much needed in Singapore’s growing arts and cultural landscape. The 152-year-old national monuments will see their heritage elements conserved while offering state of the art features in its facilities.


 2          Boasting a total Gross Floor Area of approximately 13,800 square metres after refurbishment, or the equivalent of two Olympic soccer fields, Singapore’s oldest performing arts centres will see their old world charm come alive through careful restoration of their original architecture. Besides preserving their elegant Victorian façade, the original passageway connecting the theatre and concert hall as well as her famed clock tower will be restored.



3          The existing theatre and concert hall will transform into intimate spaces, designed to provide an engaging experience between audiences and the performers. Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall will feature improved acoustics and functional designs that enhance the monumentality of the space.  


 4          Nestled within the historical charm of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall are new features such as music and dance/theatre rehearsal rooms. F&B outlets are also planned for. These new spaces were made possible by optimizing the existing layout of the buildings as well as expanding Victoria Theatre to include new basement levels.


 5          Ms Kathy Lai, CEO of the National Arts Council, says, “It’s wonderful to reclaim this very special arts venue within the Civic District, and one so rich in our shared history and culture. The Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall have witnessed Singapore’s transformation over a century and encapsulate what it means for Singapore to grow from where it was to being a world class city today. Many Singaporeans, including myself, have fond memories of these venues. Whether it is to perform or to watch a performance in the historic ambience of these venues, every Singaporean should visit, discover and create new memories of their own in the years to come.”


 6          In addition to the Victoria Concert Hall being the home of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall will also function as for-hire performing venues managed and operated by The Esplanade Co Ltd (TECL).


 7          In gearing up for the re-opening of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall, the National Arts Council has been working closely with TECL to build capability in the areas of technical theatre, venue and production management. Audiences can expect a range of pre-opening events and activities at these new venues from October 2014 onwards, in the lead up to the official opening in the first quarter of 2015. The Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall are expected to be fully operational by 2015.


 8          Booking of the Victoria Theatre and Victoria Concert Hall will commence by April 2014. Interested parties can contact Venue Manager Ms Sophie Sham at