National Arts Education Award 2007 - Primary School Receives First Gold


Haig Girls’ School has achieved the distinction of being the first primary school to be awarded Gold for the National Arts Education (NAE) Award. In addition, higher quality of submissions from participating primary schools reflects greater emphasis being placed on the arts. Of the 33 schools which were considered for the Awards, 24% have received an award, as compared to 14% in 2005.


This year’s only Gold award winner, Haig Girls’ School, had previously taken home the Silver award in 2005. Possessing a strong arts culture for both Performing and Visual Arts, the school constantly strives to better the quality of its arts education programmes through benchmarking itself against other local and international primary schools, just as its own policies and outstanding arts programmes are being used as a yardstick for other primary schools to follow. In addition, it also ensures that all its teachers and senior management partake in a comprehensive arts training framework.


Said Ms Chua Ai Liang, Director of Audience Development in the National Arts Council: “Although this is only the second year the Award is being given to primary schools, we are very encouraged by the quality of arts education programmes and the processes adopted by schools. Many school leaders are committed to making arts experiences more engaging for their students.”


Now in its fifth year, the National Arts Education Award 2007 is a partnership between the National Arts Council and the Ministry of Education. It encourages and recognises good arts education processes in schools. Initially open only to secondary schools and the Centralised Institute, the Awards were offered to primary schools in 2005 to encourage the early integration of arts education in primary school programmes. The Awards have since been open to primary schools on alternate years, with other years open to secondary schools, junior colleges and Centralised Institute.


The success of the NAE awards is also marked by the fact that almost half of the participating schools (16 out of 33) are taking part in the NAE awards for the first time. This figure is a heartening sign that not only are more schools recognising the importance of arts education in the holistic development of their students, but also that more schools are using the NAE Award framework to guide them in their planning and implementation of arts programmes

The 2007 NAE Award Steering Committee is chaired by Ms Ho Peng, Director, Curriculum Planning and Development Division, Ministry of Education. Other committee members comprised officials from NAC and MOE. Applications are judged on three areas: School Policy and Planning, Implementation of Programmes, and Arts Achievement and Arts Culture.


"The framework of the NAE Award encourages a whole school approach to developing quality arts education programmes. This is clearly evident in schools that have adopted the NAE Award framework. We are heartened that since the launch of the Award five years ago, the growing awareness of the award led to more schools having good arts practices and programmes for their students. We are particularly pleased to present the first Gold Award to a primary school that has shown outstanding commitment to the provision of quality arts experience for all their pupils” said Ms Ho Peng.


The 2007 NAE Awards were presented by the Minister of State for Education, RAdm (NS) Lui Tuck Yew, at a ceremony today at the Victoria Theatre.


The Bronze Awards were presented to seven schools. Four of them – Mayflower Primary School, Woodlands Primary School, North Spring Primary school and Tanjong Katong Primary School – were first-time Award recipients.


For more information, please refer to the attached:

Annex 1: Results of the National Arts Education Award 2007

Annex 2: Outstanding Features of NAE Gold Award 2007 School and Criteria of the National Arts Education Award