Ticketed attendance of performing arts in 2002 hits one million mark


In year 2002, more people in Singapore attended ticketed performing arts events than ever before. Over a million people attended more than 2,500 ticketed performing arts events, marking the highest such figures in our history. Total number of visual arts exhibitions also recorded the highest numbers ever in 2002.


In announcing this, Mr Teo Kian Giap, Deputy Director (Strategic Development), National Arts Council, remarked: "This is the first time ticketed attendance for performing arts events has crossed into 7 figure territory. These numbers grew by 6% year-on-year, up from 940,000 in Year 2001. It's very good news for everyone in the arts."


The number of ticketed performing arts events grew 13% from 2,203 in 2001. Singapore arts groups contributed to four-fifths of ticketed events and three-fifths of ticketed attendance, maintaining about the same proportion as compared to 2001. Meanwhile, the number of visual arts exhibitions grew by 4% to over 540 exhibitions from 518 in the previous year.


"While the Council's approach to developing the arts is broad based and multi-pronged, such numerical indicators help to gauge the general progress of the arts. They also give us a rough feel of the success of our strategies and inform future policy decisions. Whilst we are encouraged by the increase in such indicators, we are mindful of the need to further improve on the quality of both artistic output, as well as audience appreciation and acceptance," said Mr Choo Thiam Siew, CEO of the National Arts Council.


Possible reasons for the increases are credited to arts education and audience building efforts by the Council, arts groups and other agencies. As far as similar indicators are concerned, the Council expects another strong showing for 2003.



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