Noise Singapore Invites Programme Partners to Excite Youth about the Arts

Singapore, 1 March 2017 – From 10 February to 9 March 2017, Noise Singapore will be holding an Open Call for programme partners to submit proposals to run Anchor Programmes for youth participation. These showcases and/or developmental platforms will focus on core areas identified by Noise Singapore.


2          These include the Noise Music Mentorship as well as new programmes relating to space activation (e.g. showcases that interact with the locations they are carried out in) or digital engagement (e.g. initiatives that engage young people through online mediums), which are multi-disciplinary in nature (e.g. programmes that involve more than one art form), or which are led by youth (e.g. projects initiated and run by young people under the guidance of an experienced professional). The selection of programme partners will take place in March, following which the programmes will run from April through December 2017.


3          This is a new approach which builds on the vibrancy of the successful festival format, which is being refreshed in 2017. The well-received annual Noise Singapore Festival, now in its 12th year, will have a greater emphasis on partnerships and the artistic and learning process for young artists. It will take on a fresh spin to showcase the original works of art, design, photography and music submitted by young people. To better nurture arts and engage youths, Noise will partner and commission five arts intermediaries to co-develop anchor programmes, including the Noise Music Mentorship, throughout the year. Through this collaborative process, the Council will strengthen the capabilities of organisations with a focus on youth and arts while responding to the changing needs of young artists participating in these programmes.


4          Er Ker Jia, Deputy Director for Arts & Youth, National Arts Council said: “There are many organisations with a heart for the arts and young people. We want to work with them to design cultural programmes that inspire our youths. Through this new commissioning model, our partners can connect the dots with the NAC to create a robust youth arts ecosystem, where the youths can create works that resonate with their peers and bring communities together. We believe their pulse on the ground will refresh the current arts landscape to develop the next generation of artists, creative thinkers and Singaporeans with a love for the arts and culture.”


Learning Opportunities


5          While the Noise Music Mentorship will continue, the Noise Art Mentorship, which provides mentorship opportunities to youth in the visual arts space will cease to be run directly by Noise Singapore, with Noise instead focusing its support on ground-up visual arts mentorships organised by industry players.


6          Noise Singapore will also make available more networking sessions, workshops and talks on different arts topics relevant to budding artists and serious hobbyists. These sessions, known as Noise Mayhem will be open to the public and held regularly throughout the year. They will focus more on the artistic and creative process for artists rather than on a finished product, encouraging deeper and more meaningful engagement with the arts.


7          In addition, a youth arts symposium, Noise Interchange, will be upcoming on 24 March 2017, and aims to equip arts managers, educators, programmers and organisations working with youth in the arts with knowledge to enhance their practice and foster a community of practitioners who will contribute to the local youth arts landscape.


Funding Support Continues


8          The Matchbox platform created by the National Arts Council will now be known as Noise Matchbox. This grant continues to provide young people aged 35 and below customised guidance and funding to support their creative ventures. These projects can be in any art form, and each project may be funded up to 50% of supportable costs or a cap of $6,000.


9          The Noise Movement grant, which supports organisers whose initiatives encourage arts creation and participation among youth, will continue. Each programme may be funded up to 50% of supportable costs or a cap of $30,000.


10         Noise Singapore hopes to continue to encourage young people to actively participate in and nurture their relationship with the arts. Through the Noise Anchor Programmes, Noise Music Mentorship, learning opportunities and various other pop-ups, showcases, and networking sessions, budding young artists now have greater opportunities to learn, grow and develop.


11         Interested applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals for Noise Singapore’s Open Call for Programme Partners from now till 9 March at