Singapore, 16 September 2015 – Creative enterprises and unique artistic collaborations between industry mentors and youth apprentices flourish under Noise Singapore. Having dedicated the last decade to energising the youth arts scene and nurturing tomorrow’s creative talents through platforms for expression, experimentation and discovery, Noise Singapore is excited to return with its milestone 10th edition, featuring a bumper showcase of past and new talents, free-to-attend concerts and exhibitions which will take place from September to November 2015.


Mr Kenneth Kwok, Director, Arts and Youth, National Arts Council (NAC) said: “Since its inception in 2005, Noise Singapore has set out to provide our youth with a creative platform that allows them to continue to engage with the arts outside of school. The last ten years have seen some 6,000 participants pass through Noise Singapore’s doors, and we’re proud to have been able to offer diverse opportunities for our young people to encounter the arts and express their creativity. To commemorate its 10th Anniversary, Noise Singapore 2015 will, for the first time, feature an Alumni Showcase that salutes our talented Noise Singapore ‘graduates’ and show just how far they’ve come.”



The “Becoming of Age” Noise Alumni exhibition, held from 24 October to 8 November 2015, will see 22 Noise alumni put together a special exhibition, paying tribute to Noise Singapore’s dedication towards growing love for the arts among our youth. This exhibition of new works will investigate the evolving relationship of the artist and environment, a reflection of how these young artists have come into their own since their days as Noise Singapore apprentices.



In addition to the exhibition, a two-day Noise Alumni Concert will be held at the Lawn @ The Foothills from 30 to – 31 October 2015. Promising to be a great day out for fans of Singapore music, the showcase will see live performances by familiar names in the industry who were once Noise mentees themselves, including Inch Chua, Take Two, Shigga Shay, wyd:syd and The Summer State, amongst others. Taking place in conjunction with the concerts will be an arts-inspired market by The Local People.


The cornerstone to every successful edition of Noise Singapore lies in the strategic pairing of aspiring young talent with leading arts practitioners and professionals within the industry who guide and shape their progress through an intensive mentorship programme. This year sees 28 mentors guide 52 mentees in the fields of music, art & design, photography and moving images through The Music Mentorship and The Apprenticeship Programme, allowing for closer interaction and tutelage, giving mentees more room for growth and learning.


Acknowledging the strong base of mentors present in this edition, Kwok said: “We’re heartened to once again have seasoned veterans from the industry lend their support and generously offer their time to help inspire our youth. By sharing their skills and industry knowledge with the mentees, they have offered our next generation of artists a truly hands-on experience that will give them the added edge to aspire to greater heights, and to take their talents further.”



Since the mentorship programme kicked off in May, mentees have undergone four challenging yet rewarding months of intensive training, which will culminate in The Music Mentorship Concerts and The Apprenticeship Programme Exhibition, “c. 2015 –”.


Taking place across two venues, DECK and Objectifs, “c. 2015 – ” will present the works of 34 young artists, each investigating  the relationship between art and self. On the music side of things, the three-day Music Mentorship Concerts will take place at the Esplanade, with 18 young bands and musicians performing self-penned compositions.



In addition, a Festival Exhibition will take place at ION Orchard, featuring original creations submitted through Noise Singapore’s online platform www.noisesingapore.com all year round. The Open Categories Submissions received over 5,800 entries from 783 artists this year, the largest single-year submission count and a healthy indicator of the growing appetite for self-expression and recognition amongst creative individuals in Singapore.



For more information including dates and details of the line-up of events, please refer to the attached appendices.