Noise Singapore 2014 - Calling young people for art, design, photography and music submissions


Singapore, 26 December 2013Noise Singapore, Singapore’s largest creative arts platform dedicated to developing and showcasing the creative talents of young people is back and calling for submissions in its Open Categories and The Mentorship Programmes which comprise The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) and The Music Mentorship Programme (TMM). Organised by the National Arts Council (NAC), Noise Singapore provides opportunities for youths aged 18 to 35 to present their works to the public and deepen their arts practice by learning from creative professionals.


With close to 10,000 submissions from 1,700 participants in last year’s Open Categories and Mentorship Programmes, Noise Singapore has brought together a community of over 6,000 youths and connected them with specialist mentors since its inception in 2005.


Mr Kenneth Kwok, Director, Arts and Youth, NAC says “Noise Singapore is a chance for young people to live their dreams. Whether you are a bathroom singer, someone doodling in your bedroom or an aspiring artist or musician, if you have the passion and talent, Noise Singapore can help take your interest in the arts that one step further.”


  1. Paving the way


For photographer and winner of Noise Singapore Award (Photography) 2013 Wilfred Lim, who goes by the moniker Wilfred Weegee, life has been busy since his participation in both the Noise Open Categories and TAP which saw his works profiled at ION Orchard and the Singapore Art Museum. Says Wilfred, “I gained extensive media exposure through Noise Singapore, both locally and internationally which exceeded my expectations, I also learnt a lot working with my mentor, Robert Zhao who helped me to know the arts scene better. Even after the programme, I still consult Robert whenever I need opinions for my projects,” Wilfred has since showcased his work at local and international galleries, as well as participated in the Affordable Art Fair Young Talent Programme 2013.


“Noise Singapore is a great platform to showcase my creations,” says Yeow Li Yi, more popularly known as LY Yeow, an illustrator who submitted her work under the Open Categories. “Besides seeing mine and other young artists’ works in prime locations, I even had the opportunity to design a T-shirt for sale for Uniqlo’s collaboration with Noise Singapore. But perhaps the best thing was meeting different people who liked my works and the many friendships forged.”


Noise Singapore also provided funding support for nine ground-up youth arts initiatives by partners and intermediaries through Noise Movement which aims to introduce more diversity into the youth arts scene by seeding ground-up programmes that range from photography workshops to illustration competitions. One such project was Anaki Rocks the City, a music development and showcase platform for young bands. “Many of these kids think they have to be really experienced to perform on a stage,” says Juliana Koh, founder of Anaki Records, “Noise Movement was instrumental in helping us secure a good venue and mentors to carry out a developmental program and platform for young bands to showcase their music skills.” The programme attracted over 28 bands that played in a 2-day concert at Dobby Ghaut Green. (Please refer to Annex A for information on Noise Movement funding)


2.  What’s ahead for 2014

Into its 9th year, Noise Singapore continues to evolve through its holistic suite of support for young artists and musicians to advance their artistic interests.


Extended exposure for Open Categories participants – new digital exhibition

2014 will introduce a new online showcase for submitted works in the Open Categories. This digital avenue will complement the physical presentation in the form of the ever popular Open Categories 3-week showcase exhibition. This provides extended year-round exposure and profile for works of art and design, photography and music. The Noise Singapore 2013 showcase exhibition was held in premier retail space, Ion Orchard. More details on the location for 2014 showcase exhibition will be released next year.


New mentors for The Mentorship Programmes – TAP and TMM

There will be a total of 32 industry mentors - 22 visual artists comprising designers, artists, illustrators, photographers and filmmakers for TAP; and 10 music professionals for TMM.


Seven new additions to this well-regarded group include:

  • Grace Tan

- Artist, Founder of kwodrent studio and recipient of Young Artist Award 2013

  • Brian Gothong Tan

- Artist and recipient of Young Artist Award 2012

  • Andy Yang

- Award-winning multi-disciplinary artist

  • Jasmine Ng

- Award-winning filmmaker who showcased at the Museum of Modern Arts (MOMA), US

  • Liao Jie Kai

- Filmmaker and recipient of Young Artist Award 2012

  • Roy Zhang

- Photographer and nominee for Icon de Martell Cordon Bleu Art Prize

  • Brandon Khoo

- Drummer of local rock band the UnXpected




Says Adin Kindermann of Stopgap, a five-piece indie-rock band, former TMM mentee and a winner of Noise Singapore Award (Music) 2013, “Empty your cup. You are definitely going to learn something from every mentor. Absorb as much as you can from the experience.”  Adin shared that Noise Singapore has been invaluable for the learning and advice from the mentors. Using the Noise Singapore Award grant of $5,000, Stopgap plans to record and release an EP early next year.


For 3-time Noise Singapore TAP mentor and illustrator Mas Shafreen, better known by his moniker Wanton Doodle, Noise Singapore was the impetus for him to start Band of Doodlers, an illustration collective, with his current and past mentees from the TAP. “Noise Singapore is a great way to meet all these talented young artists out there and help them to grow, but I didn’t want the learning to just stop when the programme ended, which is why I started this group.”


Andy Chong of neoDominatrix, another TMM mentee and also winner of Noise Singapore Award (Music) 2013 shared “Noise Singapore allowed us to develop a stronger sound for the band while discovering more about ourselves and the band’s dynamic. Our most memorable experience was jamming together with mentor, Bani Haykal as he made us think out of the box and experiment with new sounds for the band through which we grew.”


Continued Partnerships with Premier Singapore Art Spaces

Noise Singapore 2014 will continue its collaboration with the Singapore Art Museum and the Esplanade as venue partners for the group showcases under the TAP and TMM respectively in September 2014. In addition, pre-festival gigs will also be arranged for TMM mentees at various performing venues to hone their showmanship in front of an audience.