Noise Singapore 2014 Kicks Off with More Creative Collaborations


Noise Singapore 2014 Festival launches with the annual The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) exhibition at Singapore Art Museum (SAM)


Singapore, 15 August 2014 – Noise Singapore is pleased to announce more new creative collaborations with private sector partners, to increase the diversity of opportunities for young people to encounter the arts. Some of our new collaborators include restaurant brand, Nando’s Singapore; Chinese Chamber Ensemble, Ding Yi Music Company and renowned Singaporean contemporary dancer Ryan Tan for The Royal Dance Off platform.


Noise Singapore remains the country’s largest creative arts platform for young people. The Noise Singapore 2014 Festival will open with the largest-ever The Apprenticeship Programme (TAP) exhibition this weekend and follow with the Festival Exhibition (for Open Categories) and the 3-day The Music Mentorship (TMM) concerts.


Mr Kenneth Kwok, Director, Arts and Youth, National Arts Council (NAC) said: “We’re proud of the impact that Noise Singapore has made in the last nine years by providing more spaces for young people to continue to engage with the arts outside of school. Whether you are an aspiring professional or someone who just wants to enjoy yourself through the arts, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to take your interest in the arts to whatever level you want. We are encouraged that over the years we have found many partners who believe in our mission such as the Singapore Art Museum, The Esplanade, ION Orchard and Uniqlo who have helped us bring the arts to a wider audience. We are heartened to have found even more like minded collaborators this year who share in our vision of creating new or unusual platforms for our youth to encounter and engage in the arts, regardless of whether they have formal training.”


Working with a Variety of Partners for Wider Impact


Since 2011, Noise Singapore has actively sought collaborations with partners to find more creative platforms for young people to encounter and engage in the arts. NAC provides funding support to such partners through the Noise Movement programme, and helps co-develop some of these programmes. Collaborations supported include Objectif’s Junior Shooting Home, a photography mentorship for budding photographers; Anaki Rocks the City, a developmental programme for young musicians and bands by Anaki Records; and Transmission, a visual arts incubation platform by Phunk Studios.

New projects funded under the Noise Movement initiative include:


  • Youth Chinese Chamber Music Project 华乐新声


Jointly developed with Ding Yi Music Company, this programme aims to enable young Chinese music players to continue playing outside of typical large orchestra settings and co-curricular activity time, by encouraging the formation of smaller chamber ensembles.


  • The Royal Dance-Off


Founded by contemporary dancer Ryan Tan (O-School), it aims to promote contemporary dance to a wider audience as well as provide opportunities for both contemporary and non-contemporary dancers to express themselves.


  • In The Making


A 5-month long dance programme by Distinct Creative Arts targeted at giving training to at-risk youths or those in need of financial assistance, with the aim of creating an environment for positive change


  • Ceriph Mentorship Programme


A writing mentorship to enrich the depth and quality of young writers co-developed with Amanda Lee Koe of Ceriph, this project extends beyond prose and poetry to include non-fiction and food writing.


In addition to funding support for other youth arts platforms, the team continues to collaborate with private companies who wish to support the youth arts scene in Singapore. One such project in 2014 is the Nando’s x Noise Singapore ALIVE Street Art & Mural competition, with restaurant brand Nando’s Singapore, which will provide opportunities to young people by giving them a platform to express themselves through street art and murals.


Noise Singapore 2014 Festival Upcoming Highlights (August – September)


This year’s Noise Singapore Festival will feature more than 250 youths in Singapore who are taking the next step in pursuing their artistic aspirations in art, design, photography and music. Last year’s festival saw over 74,000 visitors and participants for its three signature events: the TAP Exhibition and the Festival Exhibition (for Open Categories) both lasting 3 weeks, and the 3-day TMM concerts.


In partnership with Singapore Art Museum (SAM), the 2014 TAP exhibition is the culmination of a four-month visual arts mentorship with 22 top creative industry professionals including fashion photographer Geoff Ang, Cannes Lions award winning artist Andy Yang, as well as Young Artist Awards recipients such as comic artist Troy Chin and photographer Robert Zhao – who was also a former Noise Singapore participant and awardee. Spanning four floors of SAM at 8Q, the TAP exhibition will showcase the works of the 51 apprentices in the 2014 programme. A new exhibition feature are works with video and film elements following the introduction of a new ‘Moving Images’ category.


Dr Susie Lingham, Director of SAM, commented, “The Singapore Art Museum has always supported emerging artistic talent and creation through exhibitions like the President’s Young Talents and new artwork commissions.  We have worked with several contemporary artists such as Liao Jiekai, Robert Zhao, Grace Tan, and Speak Cryptic, who are now visual arts mentors themselves in The Apprenticeship Programme.  The curators working with the Noise Singapore young artists also completed their Curating Lab attachments under the guidance of SAM curators.  We are proud to partner with The Apprenticeship Programme again this year in a bigger way, with all of SAM at 8Q dedicated to the visual arts exhibition.”


The past four-months have been both challenging and rewarding for the apprentices, having to balance their personal commitments while working with their mentors to produce their artwork that will be on display for the next three weeks.


“I’m excited to have had a chance to be on this four-month journey mentored by Andy Yang, who has been really supportive in teaching me to focus on and identify the strengths of my craft. As a young artist, TAP has given me the opportunity to meet prominent artists and also the next generation of talent, who I’m sure will help me when I graduate,” said 28 year-old Moses Tan, who, like many in the programme, started off pursuing other interests: Moses is a chemist turned artist, who is currently pursuing his Fine Arts degree at LASALLE College of the Arts. His work is a sound installation that invites viewers to reflect on coming to terms with mortality through the grieving process.


Following the TAP Exhibition, the Noise Singapore 2014 Festival Exhibition at ION Orchard will begin on 27 August 2014.  The exhibition will be officially opened by the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Lawrence Wong on 30 August 2014, and features 300 artworks gathered from a year-long open call.


Next up is the series of TMM concerts at the Esplanade from the 12 - 14 September 2014. The newest music mentor to join the line-up this year is Brandon Khoo, bringing the number of TMM mentors up to a perfect 10. Brandon is a professional progressive metal, rock and pop drummer who has performed all over the world with other artists. Brandon says; “It isn’t easy for Singaporean artists to break out and find their footing on the big stage. I’m glad that Noise is taking the step to provide mentees and mentors, like myself, with a chance to work and learn together. Beyond guiding my mentees, I am excited to help them develop their on-stage personas and confidence to perform in front of a crowd”.


This year, there will be a total of 18 music acts who will perform at the 3-day TMM concerts at the Esplanade, including:


  • The HubbaBubbas, a semi-acoustic trio who started out as street musicians, but now perform at many local venues like Balaclava, Outpost and Timbre 


  •  The wildly popular local quintet, Take Two, mentored by Saiful Idris of the Great Spy Experiment. Take Two has attained local and worldwide acclaim having just returned from performing at EcoPop 2014 in Spain


  • This year’s only rapper/producer, LINEATH of the hip-hop collective, Grizzle Grind Crew, who began as a self-taught producer at a tender age of 14, he released his first EP titled 'Solo Medley' in 2011.


For more information including dates and details of the line-up of events, please refer to the attached Appendix 1 and Appendix 2.