Cultural Medallion Recipients Present New Monumental Works


Four Cultural Medallion recipients - Mdm Goh Lay Kuan, Dr Wong Meng Voon, Mr Nadiputra and Mr Lim Tze Peng will embark on new major projects, funded by the National Arts Council, to further enrich the breadth and depth of Singapore’s artistic store.


Mdm Goh Lay Kuan who received the Cultural Medallion in 1995, will re-vitalise and stage Kuo Pao Kun’s Lao Jiu in a multidisciplinary and multicultural performance.  Presented as a Chinese musical with English subtitles, the production will incorporate original music composed from western and Asian instruments, contemporary lyrics and text, dance and movement across various dance forms (such as ballet, modern dance and ethnic dance) as well as a combination of both traditional and contemporary puppetry.  Under the artistic direction of Mdm Goh, the musical is scheduled to premiere at the new Drama Centre in November 2005.


Dr Wong Meng Voon, a 1981 Cultural Medallion recipient, will be writing a Chinese mini-fiction novel that comprises a series of mini-stories about love and family, set against the social, economic, cultural and other changes in Singapore since its independence.  Dr Wong believes his book may be the first of its type in the new mini-fiction novel genre in the world.  His stories will be written innovatively with emphasis on the writing technique and artistic style, yet suitably reflecting the social aspects of Singapore from 1965 to-date.  They will also be supplemented by three new volumes of literary criticism publications (documentation projects) related to the mini-fiction literary genre, and to his personal achievements in this field.


Mr Nadiputra, a 1986 recipient of the Cultural Medallion, aims to inject the spirit of awareness for and responsibility towards the traditional values in the Malay performing arts with ME DIA (The Lost Soul).  Conceptualised, written and directed by Mr Nadiputra himself, ME DIA is a semi-musical theatre production that is a dynamic and symbolic portrayal of soul searching the intricate form of the various Malay traditional art forms.  The bilingual theatre production will also feature important artists from various fields such as Iskandar Mirza Jalil, Sarkasi Said, Osman Hamid, Masuri S N, as well as Mr Nadiputra himself, together with a 20-strong school choir.


Visual artist Mr Lim Tze Peng, who received the Cultural Medallion in 2003, will undertake four projects.  The projects include solo exhibitions in Bali, Beijing and Shanghai, an extensive 8-month painting expedition covering Singapore, Bali, Thailand, Vietnam and China, as well as the creation of 20 monumental paintings on Singapore and other countries.  These paintings will each average 43” in height and 82” in breadth and signify an important phase of Mr Lim’s achievements in art.


The projects undertaken by the four artists are funded by the Council’s Cultural Medallion Grant.  This Grant Scheme was launched in November 2000 to encourage Cultural Medallion recipients to create new works.  It also seeks to increase the profile of the recipients and their works both internationally and nationally.  The scheme was birthed through recommendations from the Renaissance City Report to support original works or commission new works by Cultural Medallion recipients.  To date, the Grant has been given to 16 Cultural Medallion recipients such as Tan Swie Hian and Jeremy Monteiro.


We look forward to the fruition of these projects and invite you to take this opportunity to extend our Cultural Medallion Award recipients media coverage as they embark on their newest works.