National Music Competitions Present New Initiatives to Develop Young Talent


National Music Competitions Present


New Initiatives to Develop Young Talent


This year, aspiring young musicians can look forward to new opportunities under the National Chinese Music Competition (NCMC) and the National Indian Music Competition (NIMC).


Both competitions are introducing new solo categories which will profile the diversity of Chinese and Indian musical instruments while tapping on the growing pool of performers here. In addition, the age limit for participants has been capped at age 30 to enable the Competitions to focus their efforts on nurturing young musicians. There will also be an increase in total cash prizes this year, with a combined kitty for both competitions of over $90,000. 


As national platforms for young talent, the biennial music competitions are organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) as part of its vigorous efforts to develop promising talents and promote music excellence.


The Competitions have attracted robust and quality participation. In comparison with 1998 figures, the 2004 NCMC saw a two-fold increase in entries (from 122 to 244) while the 2004 NIMC registered a near five-fold jump (from 18 to 103).


“The two competitions have been vital in enhancing the interest and practice of Indian and Chinese classical music traditions in Singapore. Successive increases in the Competitions' participation rates have raised the quality and musical skills of our young performers. We continue to extend the scope of both competitions this year to offer greater opportunity and challenge to our young music talents,” says Ms Goh Ching Lee, Senior Director, Performing Arts, NAC.


This year also marks the first that a sponsor has come onboard for the NCMC. "Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan is happy to support such an event especially since the subject is Chinese music. One of the Huay Kuan's main objectives is the promotion of Chinese culture and language, and performing arts is very much a part of culture.  It is our hope that through this competition, young talents can be identified, recognised and encouraged to contribute in this area," says Mr Wee Cho Yaw, President, Singapore Hokkien Huay Kuan (SHHK). SHHK's support of the National Piano & Violin Competition last year also contributed to the latter's success.


Registration for both Competitions is now open. The registration booklet may be downloaded from the NAC website (



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