SINGAPORE, 30 August 2019 – The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) has appointed Ms Goh Swee Chen as Chairman of the National Arts Council (NAC), who succeeds Professor Chan Heng Chee.


2          Professor Chan Heng Chee has served on the NAC Board since 2013. During her term as Chairman, she has helped to guide and shape NAC’s strategic directions, with the most recent being the launch of Our SG Arts Plan (2018-2022) in October 2018.


3          In the new term with effect from 1 September 2019, the NAC Board of Council Members will be led by newly appointed Chairman, Ms Goh Swee Chen. She is formerly the Chairman of Shell Companies (Singapore), and an existing NAC Council member since September 2018.


4          Ms Tan Gee Keow, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth said, “On behalf of MCCY, I would like to thank Professor Chan Heng Chee for her leadership of NAC since 2013.  Under her stewardship, NAC has made significant progress in developing a vibrant and sustainable arts ecosystem in Singapore in line with Our SG Arts Plan, not least in the areas of internationalisation and philanthropy. I wish Professor Chan the best in her future endeavours, and look forward to her continued contributions to the arts in Singapore.


5          I welcome the new Chairman of NAC.  Ms Goh Swee Chen is a global leader who is active in many areas of public service, and has a passion for building a vibrant arts and culture sector for Singaporeans to enjoy. I am confident that her wealth of experience will be invaluable to NAC as it takes Singapore’s arts scene to greater heights.”


6          Mrs Rosa Daniel, Chief Executive Officer of NAC said, “Prof Chan’s guidance for NAC over the years leaves a strong impact, as we see the arts playing an increasingly important and ever-evolving role in our Singapore story. Prof Chan is truly an ambassador of the arts, and one who is well-respected within the arts community. We are deeply grateful for her invaluable contributions in building a solid foundation for NAC and the Singapore arts landscape. On behalf of the NAC, we thank Prof Chan for her time and contributions, and we look forward to her continued support of the arts in Singapore.


7          We are also delighted to welcome Ms Goh Swee Chen as our newly appointed Chairman. Building on the legacy of past boards, we will work closely with Swee Chen and all board members to advance new opportunities, nurturing a stronger arts scene for Singapore and Singaporeans.”



Jointly issued by Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth and National Arts Council

30 August 2019