SINGAPORE, 14 February 2019Noise Singapore is back with its anticipated Noise Anchor Programmes and Noise Music Mentorship. Established in 2005, Noise Singapore is an initiative of the National Arts Council (NAC) which provides opportunities for young people to participate in and engage with the arts.


2          This edition, Noise Singapore brings co-creation to the forefront by actively involving youths from all walks of life. Five creative entities — Band of Doodlers, iMMERSiVELY, Invasion Singapore, Ownself Records and The Unusual Network — were commissioned to co-develop programmes that expose participants to varied forms of digital and urban arts through mentorships, as well as creation and showcase opportunities. With these new possibilities, Noise Singapore hopes to inspire more young people to connect with the arts.


3          “We are excited to be working with these partners to design innovative programmes that will deepen the relationship between young people and the arts, especially in the digital medium. Through Noise Singapore, we hope more young people can come together, share personal arts experiences, and discover more about themselves,” says Ms Chua Ai Liang, Senior Director, Engagement & Participation, NAC.


Learning Through Mentorships

4          Noise Singapore provides young people with mentorship opportunities to strengthen their artistic capabilities by learning from peers and established artists. This is seen in Noise Metaverse by iMMERSiVELY which connects 14 mentees with experienced artists who incorporate technology in their practice. The two-month programme brings together youths with interest in technology as well as the arts, and allows them to have a unique experience of creating digital artworks using immersive technologies, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). One of the projects that audiences can expect, Pop-up Books for the 21st Century, utilises AR technology to revolutionise storytelling for today’s audiences by appealing to their imagination. Eugene Soh, mentor of Leong Man Wei for this particular project says, “I am excited for the public to be surprised by how technology and the arts can enhance our understanding of each other, be it our lives, stories, viewpoints or aspirations.” A public showcase of the final projects will take place from 23 February - 3 March 2019 which will reach out to diverse audiences interested in either technology or the arts – and in turn, become interested in both.




Mentees of Noise Local Motif (2018) with beneficiaries



5          Based on the theme “Connecting People, Correcting Perceptions”, illustrator collective Band of Doodlers returns with Noise Local Motif, a mentorship programme that fosters a sense of self and community through peer-to-peer learning. 29 youths will be working with Band of Doodlers and beneficiaries from Social Sector Organisations such as Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS) and the Society for the Physically Disabled (SPD) to co-create illustration works to be displayed across two trains on the MRT Downtown Line. Jasmine Ang, a mentee shares, “I have always appreciated how drawing helps me express the world that I see, but I feel as if I have relearnt how to see the things around me after connecting with different groups of people through these sessions.”  


6          The iconic Noise Music Mentorship (NMM) is back, and, for this time, the programme introduces an expanded range of artists from a greater diversity of music communities as mentors to the 20 aspiring music acts. These mentees will be guided by established artists like Sai Akilesh from the traditional Indian music scene, turntablist DJ KoFlow, and musician Tim De Cotta to name a few, in preparation for a public showcase from 16 – 17 March 2019 at Plaza Singapura.


Discovering Urban Arts at Festivals

7          Noise Singapore also welcomes two popular festivals back from the past edition. Held on 23 March 2019, Noise Invasion Festival programmed by Invasion Singapore will feature experiential urban arts encounters in a shopping mall carpark. Activities include street art and interactive public art installations, live music and dance performances and a vintage street wear and arts market. Audiences can participate in online conversations that discuss urban arts culture and soak up the atmosphere with their friends via a livestream of the festival made available this edition.


8          Noise GIF Fest programmed by The Unusual Network will spotlight GIFs, a popular and accessible medium that loops visual data. Audiences can expect an immersive experience from the GIFs of 30 young art makers as they transform Block 7 Gillman Barracks visual arts exhibition space into a state-of-the-art digital showcase site. Attendees will appreciate and discover new perspectives about this moving form with others through public workshops and talks.


9          For more information about each Noise Singapore programme, please refer to Annex A, or visit