The National Arts Council welcomes the Singapore Chinese Orchestra as co-organiser for the 7th National Chinese Music Competition


new collaboration, fresh possibilities


The 7th edition of the National Chinese Music Competition (NCMC) returns with greater opportunities for youths who are proficient in and passionate about Chinese traditional music. The National Arts Council (NAC) will be partnering the Singapore Chinese Orchestra (SCO) to co-organise the 2010 NCMC for the first time.


NAC had been the sole organiser of the biennial event for the past six seasons since it debuted in 1998. As an established platform for music excellence, the national competition aims to cultivate the performing skills of musicians and uncover a new generation of talents for the industry. Participants showcase their skills before an international panel of judges in a competitive environment.


With Singapore’s only professional Chinese orchestra on board as a co-organiser, participants of the 7th NCMC will benefit from this new partnership to acquire fresh experience. Selected prize winners can look forward to the rare opportunity of performing with the SCO as part of the NCMC’s talent development initiative at the Prize Winners’ Concert.


In addition, first prize winners of the Solo Open Category in the 7th NCMC can apply for up to $8,000 in financial assistance to subsidise costs incurred for training and development purposes. NAC is introducing this new initiative as part of its efforts to drive holistic capability development for the industry and to help advance the winners’ professional standing beyond the competition platform. With this financial booster, emerging musicians in the traditional Chinese music domain can pursue regional and international programmes that will encourage stronger music competency and creativity.


“NAC is pleased to partner SCO for the latest season of NCMC. Both NAC and SCO share the common vision of mentoring youths to become professional musicians as well as expanding the audience base for traditional Chinese music. With SCO known as the People’s Orchestra and for its high performing standards, its active involvement in the NCMC promises to inspire artistic excellence among the participants and contribute to a wider audience base for the competition,” says Elaine Ng, Director of Arts Development, NAC


“The inaugural partnership with NAC for the 7th NCMC sees the strong synergy between the two organisations. With SCO’s involvement, we hope the competition could attract more talented young musicians to make use of this platform to showcase their virtuosity,” says Terence Ho, General Manager of SCO.  


The 7th NCMC continues to have diverse categories for budding talents to shine. They include a Combined Instrumental Ensemble Category, a Percussion Ensemble Category and a Solo Section comprising Junior (for participants of ages 12 years and below), Youth (for participants ages of 18 years and below), and Open Categories (for participants of ages 30 years and below). For the Solo Section, participants can choose to play from eight different instruments – dizi, erhu, guzheng, pipa, sheng, suona, yangqin, and zhongruan.


The 7th NCMC is open to all Singapore citizens and permanent residents of ages 30 and below. Foreigners residing in Singapore are eligible to participate in the Open Category of the competition.


Registration is now open for the 7th NCMC. It closes on 6 August 2010. Over $68,000 worth of prizes can be won. For registration details, please visit the NAC website (


Annex: Fact Sheet on 7th National Chinese Music Competition