NAC Releases Arts Statistics 2007 Four-fold Growth in Arts Activities in 10 Years


NAC Releases Arts Statistics 2007



Four-fold Growth in Arts Activities in 10 Years



2007 was an exceptionally lively year for the arts in Singapore, registering new highs on all fronts of key arts statistical indicators since 1997. Audiences had nearly 27,000 arts activities, or four times as many activities to choose from as compared to 10 years ago. The number of arts activities was up by 24% from over 21,000 activities in 2006, marking the sharpest year-on-year climb since 1998. Singaporeans and visitors now have 73 arts activities on any day to engage in, compared to 18 a decade ago.


The vibrancy of the arts scene has been steadily on the rise. Arts activities were growing at an average of 15% a year over the last decade, which augurs well for Singapore as a global city for the arts. Attendance at ticketed performances doubled from 754,100 patrons in 1997 to close to 1.5 million in 2007, augmented by a 16% year-on-year growth, the highest in the last decade. Since 1997, the number of exhibition days has also multiplied five times to exceed 19,000 days in 2007, while performances tripled to a record high of 7,450 in 2007. Organisers of free arts events have also more than doubled to over 300, contributing to the quadrupling of  non-ticketed performances to 4,070 in 2007.


Mr Lee Suan Hiang, Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Council said, “NAC is pleased with the statistical results as it reflects a vibrant and healthy arts scene.  The growing demand for the arts reinforces the idea that the arts is for everyone. The robust growth in both supply and demand is a result of NAC's holistic approach to developing the arts, together with our partners and the arts community”.


Possible factors contributing to the robust growth include the arts education and audience building efforts by the Council, arts groups, and other agencies and partners. Another possible reason is the positive consumer sentiments in 2007, with the average monthly household income up by 9.6% from 2006, the fastest growth over the last decade.  The statistical results also testify to the high quality and variety of the arts performances that are gaining greater appeal among more of the population. Together with the rising number of new entrants to the arts scene, Singapore’s arts development is set for a strong wave of growth.


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