NAC Initiatives Develop Stronger Capabilities in traditional Chinese Arts


NAC Initiatives Develop Stronger



Capabilities in traditional Chinese Arts



To make traditional arts relevant in a rapidly changing modern world, regular upgrading of skill sets and knowledge is crucial to artists and arts groups. To this end, the National Arts Council (NAC) has started a series of initiatives to help practitioners of traditional arts in Singapore raise their artistic standards and capabilities. Following the workshops and exchanges conducted for the traditional Malay art forms over the past two months, NAC will be organising a series of seminars on professional arts management for Chinese arts groups in July 2008.


The vibrancy of traditional Chinese arts is attested to by the number of active arts groups and activities in the arts calendar. There are currently 42 arts groups performing Chinese opera, the age-old art form of musical theatre, in the vernacular tongues like Teochew, Hokkien, Cantonese, Hainanese, and Beijing dialects. Chinese dance enjoys prominent presence in school and active representation in the Singapore Youth Festival. On the music front, more young talent are emerging, as seen from the more than doubling of entries for the biennial National Chinese Music Competition organised by NAC, from 122 in 1998 to 265 in 2006. In the age of the new media, growing interest in traditional Chinese arts is reflected by active discussions in the blogosphere, on blogs that focus on traditional opera like and


To further grow traditional Chinese arts, NAC seeks to develop artistic and management capabilities of artists and arts groups through seminars, workshops, short-term residencies and training programmes at established institutions. These initiatives complement NAC’s current total support provided for traditional arts groups, which includes grants, housing subsidies and the commissioning of new works.


An inaugural Mandarin seminar, Marketing Traditional Arts in a Modern World will be held on 26 July 2008 at the Drama Centre Function Room 3. Targeted at traditional Chinese arts groups, it will focus on the areas of publicity and marketing techniques, sponsorship and media relations management. The aim of the seminar is to equip traditional arts groups with the knowledge of fundamental professional skills through the exchange and sharing of professional knowledge. The arts groups are also encouraged to apply the knowledge gained, in the promotion of their art form and to develop their desired audience base.


Industry professionals and veteran arts practitioners will be speaking on their experiences and offer practical tips to the participants through interactive lectures and forum discussions on topics including marketing and sponsorship, production practices, new media and intellectual property. The speakers for the seminar include Terence Ho, General Manager of the Singapore Chinese Orchestra; Kenneth Chan, former Lianhe Zaobao journalist, Nelson Chia, Associate Artistic Director of the Toy Factory Theatre Ensemble; Celestina Wang, Artistic Director of Siong Leng Musical Association; Kuo Jian Hong, Artistic Director of The Theatre Practice; and Kok Heng Leun, Artistic Director of Drama Box.


For more information on the Marketing Traditional Arts in a Modern World – A Seminar in Mandarin on 26 July 2008, please refer to the annexes.