NAC Implements Precautionary Measures In Response To Influenza A (H1N1)


NAC Implements Precautionary Measures In Response To


Influenza A (H1N1)


Since the outbreak of the Influenza A (H1N1), the National Arts Council (NAC) has set up a taskforce to monitor the situation and to implement necessary measures in accordance with the Health Ministry's guidelines.


With effect from 4 May 2009, thermal scanners will be deployed at NAC theatres, Victoria Theatre and Drama Centre, to check the temperature of patrons. They will be asked to provide particulars for contact tracing. Temperature checks will be made on visitors, hirers, theatre staff, crew and artists at these venues on a daily basis.


The Council will also be issuing an advisory to tenants at its arts housing facilities to encourage artists and arts groups to take necessary precautions against a possible outbreak. Precautionary measures will be enforced to ensure a safe environment for patrons to enjoy the Singapore Arts Festival. Temperature screening and contact tracing measures will be implemented for indoor shows. Patrons are advised to arrive early for all performances. Thermal scanners will be deployed at mass events such as the Festival opening at the Marina Barrage.


Foreign artists participating in the Festival will be asked to declare the status of their health and their travel history prior to arrival in Singapore. During their stay in Singapore, they will be given masks, and thermometers for daily temperature checks.


NAC will monitor the situation closely and act in accordance with evacuation and quarantine procedures issued by the Health Ministry.


For updates on the Singapore Arts Festival, patrons are advised to check the Festival website