The National Arts Council Launches its First Nationwide Dance Movement, Got To Move, to Celebrate Diversity of Singapore’s Dance Scene


SINGAPORE, 19 August 2015 – The National Arts Council (NAC) is proud to present “Got To Move”, a nationwide dance movement to celebrate the diversity of dance in Singapore. Slated to be an annual event, the inaugural Got To Move this year is one of the highlights of the culture and community programmes in celebration of SG50. Got To Move will be held from 8 to 24 October 2015, and offers people in Singapore a variety of opportunities to discover, appreciate and experience dance.


2              Over the past few years, there has been a growing interest in dance among Singaporeans – ticketed attendance and sales for dance performances have increased more than half and a third respectively, while the number of dance groups and societies in Singapore have soared more than 13 folds from 2009 to 2013[1]. NAC’s Got To Move dance movement aims to ignite Singaporeans’ interest in dance and deepen their appreciation of the art form. It is a free national platform for the dance community in Singapore to come together to share their talents and works with a broader audience. It will add to the vibrancy of Singapore’s dance scene and further spotlight Singapore dancers and dance groups.



Got to Move ISLANDWIDE (8 to 23 October 2015)


3              From 8 to 23 October, Got To Move ISLANDWIDE will bring Singaporeans a diverse range of free dance performances and dance-related activities to various parts of the island. These programmes comprise open classes and studios; experiential dance workshops and masterclasses; educational talks and conferences; and interactive dance games and fun-filled activities organised by both experienced dance practitioners and enthusiasts.


4              Says Ms Gracia Chua, Managing Director of Wings to Wings Dance Development Centre, one of the social groups presenting at Got To Move ISLANDWIDE, “We decided to take part in the open call earlier this year to organise an ‘Autism Movement Therapy Workshop’ for children with special needs, as we felt that these children would benefit both mentally and physically from this session. Also, we wanted an activity where parents could learn how to relate to their child’s condition through bonding with their child.”


5              The programmes for Got To Move ISLANDWIDE were selected from an open call done earlier this year to the dance community and general public. This initiative garnered a total of 57 applications, of which 41 dance groups, schools, interest groups, associations and private practitioners were offered grants to develop their ideas for this ISLANDWIDE segment that takes place over two-weeks.



Got To Move NOW (24 October 2015)


6              On 24 October, the Got To Move ISLANDWIDE programmes will culminate with Got To Move NOW, a day dedicated to spotlight Singapore’s vibrant dance scene and diverse dance community. It is a day for the public to also discover and expose themselves to different dance forms, and for established Singapore dance companies such as the Singapore Dance Theatre, T.H.E Dance Company, Bhaskar’s Arts Academy, Era Dance Theatre, as well as active school and amateur groups to showcase their talents and works.


7              Held at The Promontory at Marina Bay from 4.00pm to 10.30pm, the day’s programme is specially organised by Got To Move’s programme producer, Ms Norhayati Yusoff, who has more than 15 years of experience planning and programming various arts festivals and for the Esplanade.


8              Says Ms Yusoff, “The activities and performance I have lined up feature a broad mix of dance forms, from traditional to contemporary, and a range of professional to amateur groups. I wanted everyone attending Got To Move NOW to have a taste of what dance is like in Singapore and what it has to offer.  I sincerely hope that event-goers that day will be able to take something personal back with them– and perhaps this might pique their interest to either catch more dance performances in future or give them the courage to actually take up a new dance-related hobby.”


9              Got To Move NOW will also be presenting a dance-inspired fashion show by new local online fashion portal styleXstyle, and spot its very own mass dance choreographed specially by O School.  The mass dance will be featuring an original Got To Move tune, and a training session will be conducted on the event day so that anyone at the event can participate. Local celebrities Tosh Zhang, Wang Weiliang and Bunz from the movie ‘Ah Boys to Men’ will also be a making a guest appearance at the mass dance.


10           Ongoing throughout the day, Got To Move NOW will also offer event-goers free dance taster classes like K-pop, belly dancing and yoga dancing, and expose them to dance expressions drawn from our diverse ethnic culture. There will also be educational and experiential booths set up for the public to learn interesting dance trivia, techniques and genres; behind-the-scenes scoops; and interactive segments where they can try on dance costumes and even decorate their own dance outfit. Mini contests will also be conducted intermittently during the event, and event-goers stand to win attractive prizes.


11           Finally, Got To Move NOW will conclude with a dance after-party and live music where the event space will transform into a public dance arena. Everyone present is welcome to join in this dance party.



Got To Move 2015’s partners and collaborators


12          Programme partners and collaborators for Got To Move this year include local online fashion portal styleXstyle, DBS, O School and Nanyang Polytechnic. Lifestyle magazine, TimeOut Singapore, has come on board as the platform’s ‘Official Event Magazine’, while commercial office and retail space, Asia Square, will host an ISLANDWIDE programme to bring dance closer to the working professionals in the Central Business District. The Esplanade will also concurrently present its annual ‘da:ns festival 2015’ from 9 to 18 October 2015, offering Singaporeans an even wider array of international dance programmes.


13           Says Ms Elaine Ng, the Director of Sector Development for Dance and Traditional Arts at NAC, “Got To Move was conceived out of the desire for people in Singapore to see the fun and interesting aspects of dance, and how it can be easily part of their lives. We also want them to have a personal experience with the art form – whether it is through a taster class or open rehearsal; finding a new fitness or dance-related hobby; watching a dance performance; or just plucking up the courage to dance!”


14           For more information on Got To Move 2015, visit or follow us on Facebook or Instagram @GotToMoveSG. Tag #gottomovesg to join in the conversation.




[1] Statistics are taken from the ‘Singapore Cultural Statistics 2014’ and the ‘Singapore Cultural Statistics 2003-2009’



About Got To Move


Got To Move is the first nationwide dance movement organised by the National Arts Council (NAC) to celebrate the diversity of dance in Singapore.




Got To Move comprises two segments:


I.             Got To Move ISLANDWIDE: A series of dance programmes organised and presented by the Singapore dance community. Got To Move ISLANDWIDE will offer the general public a wide selection of dance activities to experience. These activities were specially selected and supported by NAC from an open call done earlier this year. Activities range from bite-size taster classes for all ages, dance showcases, workshops for wellness and rehabilitation, to seminars for dance professionals and community activities. Got To Move ISLANDWIDE will be held from 8 to 23 October 2015 at various locations across Singapore.




II.            Got To Move NOW: A day dedicated to spotlight Singapore’s vibrant dance scene and diverse dance community. Got To Move NOW event-goers will be able to take part, learn and appreciate different dance forms through a variety of free programmes. Highlights of the day include special dance performances by some of Singapore’s established dance companies and amateur groups, a dance-inspired fashion show, a mass dance, interactive educational dance booths, dance taster classes, and a dance after-party. Got To Move Now will be held on 24 October 2015 from 4.00pm to 10.30pm at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.




Slated to be an annual event in Singapore’s arts calendar, Got To Move aims to ignite Singaporeans’ interest in dance and to deepen their appreciation of the art form. It is a national platform to bring together Singapore’s dance scene – professionals and enthusiasts – and to showcase their talents and works to a broad audience.




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