National Arts Council Commissions Two Emerging Singapore Curators to Stage 2013 Singapore Platform Showcase


The commissioned projects will showcase exciting new works by six emerging and established Singaporean artists at this year’s Art Stage Singapore


The National Arts Council (NAC) is proud to present projects by two Singapore curators, Charmaine Toh and Jason Wee, for the Singapore Platform showcase at the 2013 Art Stage Singapore. This is the first time the Singapore Platform has appointed emerging curators to develop this exhibition, as a move to build the curatorial capabilities within the visual arts industry.  


 2          The two projects by Charmaine and Jason will showcase works by six Singapore artists - Ang Song Ming, Rizman Putra, Samuel Chen, Khiew Huey Chian, Jeremy Sharma, and Jason Wee himself. Now in its third year, the Singapore Platform is an exclusive commissioning platform showcasing new works by promising and talented Singapore artists.


 3          Says Mr Khor Kok Wah, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, NAC, “We want to build on the success of past editions of the Singapore Platform, to continue to showcase and profile our Singapore curators and artists, and to also expose them to the demands of the international art world. This year, we chose to focus the opportunity on growing the capabilities of our young curators and artists and to challenge them to develop new and more ambitious Singapore works and showcases. We hope this is an exciting and enriching experience for them, as well as for the visitors to the Platform.”


 Singapore Platform Showcases

 4          The two projects that will be showcased at the Singapore Platform are:

       (a)  “I’m An Artist. Now What?” by Charmaine Toh

             Charmaine’s project will feature three artists, Ang Song Ming, Rizman Putra, and Samuel Chen. This presentation comments on the notion of success for an artist – amongst a burgeoning contemporary art market that is marked by the ascent of mega art fairs, record-breaking auction results and the development of cultural capitals that stake their own claim as international centres of art and culture. Through their work, the curator and artists seek to provoke responses from the audience, on what artists are expected to do to achieve success in the art world, against a backdrop of stereotypes that exist in the arts industry.


       (b)  “New Black City” by Jason Wee

              Jason’s project will feature Singapore artists, Khiew Huey Chian, Jeremy Sharma and Jason himself. Exploring the notion of utopia, the project will culminate in a single cohesive multi-media presentation created collaboratively by the three artists working in tandem. It aims to highlight artistic practices that are common in other contemporary art events, but may be unusual within the context of an art fair in Singapore. This project also aims to push the boundaries of the artists’ own artistic practices in the areas of painting, sculpture, multi-media installation and critical writing.


5          The Singapore Platform will open at Art Stage Singapore on 24 January 2013 at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre. For more information about the curators and artists, please refer to Appendix A and B respectively. For updates on Art Stage and the Singapore Platform, please visit


Fringe Events at Goodman Arts Centre

6          In conjunction with Art Stage Singapore, art enthusiasts can also look forward to “Kampung Goodman”, a special exhibition organised by the visual artists at Goodman Arts Centre (GAC). The exhibition, which will open from 23 January – 3 February 2013, will showcase works by a range of established and emerging Singapore artists. In addition, visitors will enjoy other programmes and activities from 25 – 27 January, such as the Open Studios by the visual arts tenants at GAC, and insightful talks by artists and curators who had recently completed residency programmes. Free shuttle bus services will be provided between Marina Bay Sands and Goodman Arts Centre, for the duration of the exhibition. For more information about these activities at GAC, please visit


ANNEX A- About The Curators


ANNEX B- About The Artists