Towards Diversity, Regeneration and Renewal: NAC Announces Recipients of Seed Grants


The National Arts Council announced today that eight arts organisations will receive funding support through the inaugural NAC Seed Grant (Organisational Development) scheme. NAC will commit $350,000 to these organisations for the rest of FY12 (ending 31 March 2013), and will support them up to a total of $2.42 million for three years, from FY13 to FY15. The funds will go towards formalising and stabilising operations for new organisations. For organisations which have achieved this, the funds aim to strengthen the fundamentals for healthy arts organisations, such as their core talent and management, the quality and reach of its main programmes, and its ability to cultivate a base of patrons and audiences.


2.            The Seed Grant scheme attracted over 30 applications when it was launched in June this year. Applications were assessed on the strength and clarity of their vision and programmes, audience engagement and organisational development plans. An external assessment panel comprising individuals from different established arts organisations and enterprises (listed in Annex B). The panel assessed the proposals and had a chance to interview the shortlisted applicants before making their recommendations to NAC. 


3.            The eight organisations that were selected include Maya Dance Theatre, Paper Monkey, Nine Years Theatre, Orchestra of Music Makers, Singapore Music Society, New Opera Singapore, Grey Projects and Art Incubator. Funding details and evaluations of the respective grant allocations can be found in Annex A.  Overall, NAC and the panel were heartened by the diversity of proposals received, as well as the artistic commitment, drive and clarity demonstrated in the selected recipients’ vision, plans, and recent programmes.  


4.            Benson Puah, CEO, NAC said: “These organisational-level grants are part of NAC’s broader support framework to ensure that our artists and arts groups receive assistance based on their different stages of development. Even as we support the more established arts groups, the next generation of new and emerging companies needs to be nourished as well, to ensure the diversity and longer-term sustainability of our arts and culture scene”.   


5.            In addition to the Seed Grant scheme, NAC will be introducing a “Starter Toolkit” that would provide a simple guide on the important areas to note for individuals thinking of setting up an arts organisation.  For applicants not selected to receive the Seed Grant, NAC will also consider other forms of support or facilitation for worthy initiatives or projects.


6.            The next call for applications for the NAC Seed Grants will commence from mid-November 2012. Interested applicants are welcome to attend a briefing at the Goodman Arts Centre on 23 October 2012. For details on the briefing and registration, please visit


Background on the Seed Grant (Organisational Development)

Launched in June this year, the Seed Grants follow on from the Traditional Arts Seed Grant which was launched in March 2011. Support through the Seed Grant is for no more than three years.  For new groups, the aim of the Seed Grant is to kick-start their programmes and projects and to formalise their operations. For groups still in their initial years of formation, the Seed Grant aims to help them move towards a more stable development as a professional not-for-profit arts organisation. For more information, please visit