Music grants come under one roof at the National Arts Council


NAC takes the role of lead coordinator for the music sector from 1 September 2014, to better help musicians and promote Singapore Music


SINGAPORE, 26 September 2014 – To better support the local music sector, The Media Development Authority (MDA) and the National Arts Council (NAC) have consolidated their grant schemes for musicians with effect from 1 September 2014. MDA’s previous funding support for the production of music album and EPs, participation in music festivals, and joint efforts with industry partners for specialised training, will now come under NAC’s purview. MDA will continue to regulate and oversee music within the media sector (e.g. film and television), while NAC will lead in the advocacy and promotion of the overall music scene, and coordination of other key music initiatives. 


 2              Says Ms Grace Ng, Acting Director of Sector Development (Music and Theatre) of the National Arts Council, “Given the increasingly lively music scene in Singapore, both MDA and NAC felt it was important to develop the music sector in a more holistic manner. With NAC taking the role of lead coordinator, we hope to be able to map out a fuller developmental plan for the music sector given its diversity of genres. We want to more effectively seed artistic growth, grow the appetite for Singapore music and develop market intermediaries as champions for the sector, to build a music scene that all Singaporeans are proud of and wish to participate in. I want to encourage the music community to step forward and engage with NAC, to help us understand your needs and concerns, and how we could better work together to advance the music Scene in Singapore.”


 3              "With the move, the music industry can look forward to more holistic plans to develop a vibrant music scene in Singapore. Promotion and funding efforts will also be more streamlined with a single agency having sight over the entire sector and championing its growth," says Mr Joachim Ng, Director of Industry Operations of the Media Development Authority. "Nonetheless, we recognise that music occupies a special place in media content, and a film, TV show or game is never complete without it. As such, MDA will continue supporting music that has a part in the creation of MDA-funded films, TV shows and games."


4              NAC will be conducting consultation sessions with the music community in the next few months, to work out how to better help and promote the local music scene. Announcement of new initiatives will be made in early 2015.