More Music Talents To Be Discovered


~ 2004 National Indian Music Competition ~


The biennial National Indian Music Competition returns this year with an expanded scope to spot more of Singapore’s burgeoning pool of Indian music talents.  Recognising that there is a sufficient pool of performers and to keep pace with the growth, two new sections for percussion instruments, the Tabla and Mridangam, have been added to the existing Sitar, Veena, Violin and Vocal instrumental sections in the competition.


"The Competition has seen increasing participation rates and higher standards of performance every year.  We have continuously broadened its scope to give the growing numbers of Indian music enthusiasts the chance to showcase their talent, as well as profile the depth and diversity of Indian music instruments.  These initiatives will help nurture the talent pool for Indian music in Singapore and sustain the interest and appreciation of this ethnic art form," says Leen Kim Swee, Director, Arts Capability Development, National Arts Council.


The 2004 National Indian Music Competition will be held from 6 to 11 September. Since the Competition started in 1998, it has seen a three-fold increase in the number of entries and brought new excellent talents in various instruments into the fore of the local music scene.  Winners of the Competition also enjoy an immediate showcase of their proficiency at the Prize Winners’ Concert.


The biennial National Indian Music Competition is organised by the National Arts Council to develop and upgrade Singapore musicians’ standards and skills, as well as to identify potential talents in Indian music. It also provides opportunities for musicians to perform in a competitive situation.


Registration for the Competition is now open to all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents.  Applications close on 15 June 2004. 


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