More Individuals and Organisations Giving to the Arts


278 individuals and organisations have been honoured with the annual Patron of the Arts and Arts Supporter awards for their support of the promotion and development of the arts in Singapore. Of these, 203 were repeat or long-term donors and 75 were first-time donors.  Their contributions in 2011, which amounted to more than $31.2 million in total, consisted $22.3 million in cash and $8.9 million in-kind sponsorship. The amount received represents a 17 per cent increase in contributions, while the number of award recipients rose by 30 from the previous year.


Despite the uncertain economic conditions, at least 15 organisations stayed firm in their commitment to supporting the arts and even raised the level of their contributions in 2011. They include BMW Asia Pte Ltd, Far East Organisation and Poh Tiong Choon Logistics Limited. Said chairman and chief executive officer of Poh Tiong Choon Logistics, Mr Poh Choon Ann: “Sponsoring the arts is a way for Poh Tiong Choon Logistics to fulfil our social responsibility as a good corporate citizen. I hope that this allows more people to enjoy the arts and contributes towards building a more harmonious and gracious society.” Separately, Mr Poh was also honoured with an Associate of the Arts Award for donations made in his individual capacity.


Underscoring the importance of continued sponsorship and support in furthering the local arts scene, Mr Alvin Tan, Artistic Director at The Necessary Stage, noted: "As we celebrate our 25th anniversary, we're delighted to have many of our sponsors stay the way with us as we continue to develop the arts in Singapore."


Arts Supporter Awards

The Arts Supporter Award recognises patrons who have contributed $10,000 to $49,999 to the promotion and development of the arts. 46 individuals and 134 organisations received their Arts Supporters Awards personally from their beneficiaries at a ceremony officiated by Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports and Minister of State for Information, Communications and the Arts Mr Chan Chun Sing at Goodman Arts Centre on 17 July 2012. They had donated a total sum of $3.1 million to the arts in 2011 and of the 180 Arts Supporter Award recipients, over one third were first-time donors. Said Mr Bojan Tercon from Triple07 Pte Ltd, a first-time recipient of the Arts Supporter Award: “We have been in Singapore for 5 years and the transformation in the arts scene that we've witnessed has been impressive. We're very happy to support the local arts community as it is an integral component in making Singapore a leading global city.”


The number of contributions from individuals giving in their personal capacity more than doubled from the previous year from 30 to 46.


National Arts Council chief executive officer Benson Puah noted: “We are grateful for the unwavering support of these individuals and organisations as their strong commitment to the arts has helped us meet the increasing needs of Singapore’s mature, developing and emerging artists and arts groups.  Together, we can ensure that even more people will benefit from the enrichment and opportunities that the arts and culture bring into our lives.”


Patron of the Arts Awards

Three individuals and 95 organisations, which had contributed a total amount of $28.1 million to the arts in 2011, were presented with the Patron of the Arts Awards by Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts Dr Yaacob Ibrahim at Goodman Arts Centre on 19 July 2012.


The number of first-time recipients for Patron of the Arts Award more than doubled from the previous year from eight in 2010 to 17 in 2011.  One of the first-time donors, Marina Bay Sands also marked another milestone by attaining the Distinguished Patron of the Arts Award. Its Chief Executive Officer and President, Mr. George Tanasijevich elaborated on the integrated resort’s commitment to developing the arts: “Marina Bay Sands is proud to contribute to Singapore in many ways and one of them is changing the local arts scene. We will continue to educate and inspire members of the public with artworks along the Marina Bay Sands Art Path and international renowned exhibitions that we bring to the iconic ArtScience Museum. We are very excited to be recognized as a Distinguished Patron of the Arts and look forward to further support and advocate art in its community.”


Ms Simone Anne Lourey, a first-time donor who received the Associate of the Arts Award, remarked on the unique transcendent value of the arts: “Stories in film, theatre, dance, visual art, books – they all reflect our humanity and through their creative expression bind us in shared experiences,  crossing culture, religion, age and sometimes even language. I find this a powerful and positive thing. It lifts the spirit and gives voice to what is most valuable in life – the expression of that human spirit.”


Annex A - 2012 Arts Supporter Award recipients

Annex B - 2012 Patron of the Arts Award recipients