Visual artist Ming Wong receives Special Mention at the 53rd Venice Biennale


Visual artist Ming Wong receives



Special Mention at the 53rd Venice Biennale


7 June – 22 November 2009


Pavilion Venue: Palazzo Michiel del Brusa, Cannaregio


For the first time, a Singapore visual artist has been awarded a Special Mention at the 53rd Venice Biennale, the most established and prestigious contemporary art event in the world. Singapore has participated in the Biennale for five consecutive editions since 2001.


Internationally recognised visual artist Ming Wong, who solely represents Singapore at the Venice Biennale this year, received the award at the Awards and Opening Ceremony of the Biennale on 6 June 2009, alongside the Golden Lions (top prizes) for Best Country Participation and Best Artist at the Venice Biennale.


The theme of the 53rd Biennale is "Making Worlds". This is the first time that theInternational Jury, led by Italian academic Angela Vettese, has named the Special Mention awards individually to represent the qualities of the work. Wong’s Special Mention was named “Expanding Worlds”.


In his work, Life of Imitation, Wong’s video installations explore the performative veneers of language and identity through his re-interpretations of “world cinema”, reflecting the Singaporean condition of roots, hybridity and change. His three video installations create iconic scenes from movies by P. Ramlee, Wong Kar Wai and Douglas Sirk. The works had already attracted interest from art collectors, buyers and commissioners before the award was announced. The Singapore Pavilion is curated by Tang Fu Kuen.


The Singapore Pavilion is located on the second floor of a 14th-century palazzo on theGrand Canal in Venice. Spanning six rooms, it features video installations, movie billboards, movie memoribilia from the 1900s to 1960s and documentaries on the production of the art works. For more information, please refer to the Singapore Pavilion press release.



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