International Arts and Culture Policy Makers and Artists ‘Creating Connections’ in Singapore


Second World Summit on the Arts and Culture


23-26 November 2003


Arts and cultural policymakers and artists from all over the world will converge in Singapore for a global exchange of ideas and key issues impacting arts funding and development policies. 


An international array of 20 speakers will examine the Summit theme Creating Connections: Trends in Government Support for Artistic Creativity from 23 to 26 November 2003. Keynote speakers, including Professor Tommy Koh (Singapore) and Marian Pastor Roces (Philippines), will examine broad global influences on the arts. 


Over three days, panels and workshops will be presented by experts in arts funding policy and practice from the USA, Australia, Jordan, Jamaica, Singapore, South Africa, Chile, France, Canada, Panama and Eastern Europe. These speakers represent officials from the various arts and cultural agencies, arts academics and practitioners. 


Speakers will explore key contemporary issues in arts policy such as balancing objectives in cultural policy, the place of the arts in cultural development, finding new sources of support for the arts and future strategies, and developing alternatives to grant making.


“The current world climate has created many challenges for arts funding agencies”, said Sarah Gardner, Executive Director of IFACCA. “While governments have greater expectations of the artist’s role in the local and wider community, funding agencies are often operating with reduced resources. As budgets get tighter, strategies to support arts practice become more pivotal. The Summit will provide a forum to debate these issues and share expertise.”


“It is a great honour for Singapore to host such an important ground-breaking Summit with a large international gathering of key arts officials, policy-makers and artists. This Summit provides a platform for the exchange of ideas among the like-minded advocators. I am confident that the Summit will generate fruitful insights that will be useful to raise the standards of arts and cultural support to a higher plateau,” said Susan Loh, Chairman of World Summit on Arts and Culture Local Organising Committee.


To be held at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, the Summit is open to arts and culture funding agencies, arts policy makers, educators, researchers, artists and those interested in supporting artistic creativity.


The Second World Summit of the Arts and Culture is jointly organised by the International Federation of Arts Councils and Culture Funding Agencies (IFACCA) and the National Arts Council of Singapore.


About the International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies (IFACCA)


The IFACCA was inaugurated at the Canada Council’s First World Summit of Arts and Culture in Ottawa in December 2000.  The Federation, the first global network of national arts funding bodies, aims to create an international resource and meeting ground for arts and culture funding agencies, which have a public responsibility for supporting excellence and diversity in artistic endeavour. More information can be found at


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