Inspiring Singaporeans to realise ‘A World Filled with the Arts’



  • Culminating in Giving Week 2018, the advocacy campaign will highlight the value of the arts and its impact on Singaporeans’ lives


  • On-ground activations across the island, dedicated microsite and prominent advocates to help build awareness and interest to the arts and encourage more Singaporeans to give


  • The Campaign aims to achieve S$1 million in online donations and giving to the arts through this movement



SINGAPORE, 19 March 2018 – The National Arts Council (NAC), which champions giving to the arts in Singapore, launches a new exciting arts advocacy campaign today. Titled A World Filled with the Arts (“Campaign”), this advocacy effort aims to raise awareness about the value of the arts and its impact on the lives of Singaporeans with on-ground activations and prominent advocates.



2          Said Charlotte Koh, Deputy Director, Arts & Culture Development Office (ACDO), National Arts Council: “There is great value in engaging with the arts – not only does it enrich our lives and draw us closer together as a community, it is also part of our unique identity. We hope to increase the awareness that our arts scene needs strong patronage, and that we all have a collective stake in Singapore’s arts scene. Through this Campaign and along with the Cultural Matching Fund, which will match donations to eligible arts and heritage charities dollar for dollar, we are confident that together, we can help build and sustain a vibrant arts scene for Singapore.”



3          Adrian Pang, co-Artistic Director of Pangdemonium and the hero advocate for the Campaign shared: “I’m honoured to be an advocate for a cause that I truly believe in. As co-Artistic Director of Pangdemonium and an artist myself, I know that every little bit of support from the public towards our arts community is much-needed and much-appreciated. Private patronage provides urgent and vital fuel for artists and arts groups to remain sustainable and dynamic, and allows us to keep focused on producing inspiring work, and to pave the way for future generations.”



Insights behind the Campaign


4          In a study undertaken by ACDO to understand philanthropic patterns for corporates and individuals in Singapore in 2016[1], key barriers to donating to the arts for majority of non-arts donors surveyed were that they were unaware the arts needed support, and they had not been approached directly to donate to the arts. It was also found that more than two-thirds of all respondents also agreed to the likelihood to donate to organisations that create a bigger impact on society, and they would be more motivated to donate to the arts if organisations proactively approached them, and/or if more information was available.



5          In the study, current donors indicated that their passion for the arts was the main motivation for donating to the arts, and most expressed intention to continue giving the same amount or more to the arts in the next 12 months (66%). With arts attendance at an all-time high[2], NAC is of the view that arts attendees should be continually  engaged, as the majority (77%) generally had a more positive attitude towards the arts, believing that the arts are important and its value should be promoted to others.  



6          As a result, the Campaign was developed to address and break down these key barriers. Other campaign touchpoints were also shaped around these insights accordingly. Please refer to Annex B for key findings from the 2016 study done by NAC.


Campaign highlights


Key highlights of the Campaign include:


a.  An integrated communications campaign across digital, broadcast, outdoor and print media platforms featuring arts advocates from various backgrounds who will share their personal stories on how the arts have made an impact to their lives. Starting with thespian Adrian Pang, these      videos will feature personal anecdotes and ambassadors’ case for giving to the arts. You can view our campaign video with our hero advocate here:


b.  A dedicated microsite housed under NAC’s corporate website, which will feature an interactive and engaging landing page that invites Singaporeans to contribute to adding colour to a virtual black-and-white world.  The site will also house campaign advocate stories to encourage giving. This microsite will encourage visitors to give to arts organisations through


c.  Public on-ground activations at various NAC events and festivals this year that will inspire Singaporeans to create their own virtual artworks using virtual reality via the Tilt Brush. The first of these events took place on Friday 9 March at Asia Square as part of NAC’s Arts In Your Neighbourhood, and the activation will continue to rove around the island at various locations across the campaign period.



7          Arts organisations have also been encouraged to start their own fundraising campaigns under the banner of A World Filled with the Arts on the page. Arts groups who have already embarked on fundraising campaigns include Playeum – the Children’s Centre for Creativity’s Play-It-Forward campaign, which was set up to ensure that children from disadvantaged backgrounds have the time and space to play creatively.



8          Said Charlotte Goh, Executive Director of Playeum: “Advocacy begins with a belief in doing good. As more people are made aware about the impact of the arts on their lives through this meaningful campaign, hopefully they will also start to see the value of their donations, and be encouraged to give more generously and frequently too. We hope to provide more children from underserved communities the opportunity to experience, appreciate and be inspired by the arts. More donations big and small, will certainly go a long way.”  



9          Until Giving Week in December 2018, the Campaign has set its sights on S$1 million in online giving to the arts from both individuals and the corporate sector.  At the end of February 2018, online giving to the arts has garnered more than $80,000 in donations. To support the arts, members of the public (individuals and corporations alike) can visit the campaign microsite or visit to contribute to fundraising campaigns started by our arts organisations. If you would like more information about how you can support the arts, you may also contact the Arts & Culture Development Office directly at




Please refer to the following annexes for more information:


Annex A – How to give  


1)   Visit and sign into account

       To sign up for a new account, visit


2)   Select any of the campaigns started by our arts organisations to find out more about how each donation makes a difference


3)   Select amount to donate


4)   Once ready to complete donation, check your donations in your basket and proceed to payment



Annex B-1 – Key findings from the 2016 arts philanthropy study


Annex B-2 – Key findings from the 2016 arts philanthropy study




[1] Sample size of 1035. Study was conducted by Asia Insight Consulting via door-to-door surveys and collected through systematic random sampling from 28th Jan 2016 to 16th Mar 2016.


[2] According to the National Population Survey of the Arts 2015, attendance to the arts was at an all-time high at 78% in 2015. Sample size of 2041 Singaporeans and PRs were surveyed between Jan and March 2015.