CM Recipient Han Sai Por Wins Award at the XI Triennale - India


Sculptor Han Sai Por, a 1995 Cultural Medallion recipient, was selected as one of the Award winners at the XI Triennale-India for her outstanding sculpture series entitled "Bud, Leaf & Seed" in brass, bronze, marble and granite as well as for her charcoal paintings. Prize awards of Rs.1 lakh (approximately S$4000) and a plaque will be presented to Han and nine other winning artists at the Triennale’s closing ceremony on 10 February.


The Triennale is one of the most prestigious visual arts events in Asia and is organised by the Lalit Kala Akademi, attracting the participation of artists from over 40 countries. An international jury consisting of reputed artists, art critics and curators from India, Italy and Indonesia judged this competition which is an important showcase for established artists in the modernist paradigm.


Han’s art is a testimony of beauty with meditative quietness belying a resilience and strength that stone and metal encompass. In her Bud, Leaf & Seed Series, Han has created thin-walled forms with concave and convex lines that play with the positive and negative spaces that evolve when intertwined with light. What impressed the judges was the fact that her sculptures are crafted by hand from start to finish; painstakingly carved, sanded and polished. Han’s sculptures exude smooth, sensual lines that are quietly engaging and tactile.


Han expressed her continuing desire to redefine the boundaries of modernist art and said, "My art works are inspired by the density, the dynamic and mystical qualities of the tropical forest. I am very thrilled to have won this award. This whole experience has been very rewarding as I’ve been immersed in the historical and cultural richness of India."


The National Arts Council is keen to further develop and showcase established Singapore artists as well as to present a more diversified image of Singapore art to the international art community. Singapore’s presence at the Triennale also plays a vital role in underlining its commitment to building and maintaining cultural links with India. For more information, visit


Annex - Profile of Han Sai Por