Get Set For Urban Dream Capsule!


30 May – 13 June, 24 hours daily, Free


Sponsored by Raffles City


Communications Enabler – StarHub


Venue sponsored by Esprit


Supported by Harvey Norman, Jasons Market Place, Robinsons and Toshiba.

Also supported by the Australian Government in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Australia’s dialogue partnership with ASEAN. 


First Time in Asia, Only Show in 2004!

Four Australian performance artists will, for the first time in Asia, be enthralling Singapore spectators and enjoying our unique Asian hospitality for over two weeks in their Urban Dream Capsule at Raffles City’s Esprit shop window.


Since 1996, these four men have entertained people by living in department store windows for over two weeks at a time in cities in Australia, Europe and North America.  They will be staging their onlyUrban Dream Capsule window theatre show this year for Singapore Arts Festival 2004.


Billed as a unique marathon performance installation event created specially for department store windows, the Urban Dream Capsule has captured the imagination of audiences around the world. On 30 May, the four performance artists will take up residence in Esprit’s shop window (Raffles City, facing the junction of Bras Basah and North Bridge Roads), after being sealed in their 80 sq m custom-designed “home”.  They will live and perform in there for the next fifteen days - from cooking, eating and sleeping, to even showering and shaving. The men will also communicate with pedestrians and passers-by through the glass windows.


This ensemble of performers will not only live together, they will reach out to the public who observe them through the store windows.  The interactive nature of this window theatre is expected to draw the public to the capsule, and inspire viewers’ participation in the event.  The men’s performances will blend smoothly with their daily routine. For example, dinner becomes a dance, a shower becomes a comedy-drama and cooking incorporates elements of slap-stick gymnastics.  In doing so, the performers create a seamless and surreal world that will keep audiences returning to the capsule for more.


Apart from communicating with their fans through the store windows by writing notes and miming, the four men will stay in touch with the “outside” world via the latest forms of communications technology – by fax (+65 6726 6888) and e-mail ( There is also a 24-hour webcast of their activities in the capsule via  The communications channels are made possible by StarHub.


The Singapore Urban Dream Capsule comprises a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.  The Capsule is not only designed to give audiences a complete view of the performers’ activities, its look also incorporates elements of our local culture.  Daily necessities and household appliances are provided by Esprit (some clothes and bed and bath items), Harvey Norman (electrical appliances and some furniture), Jasons Market Place (groceries), Robinsons (kitchen utensils) and Toshiba (electrical appliances). In addition, Harvey Norman, Robinsons and Toshiba will be donating the used items to charity after the show closes.


Media Preview & Interviews in Capsule

 Date:  28 May 2004 (Friday) 
 Time:  11.00 am - 12 noon 
 Venue:  Esprit Entrance, Raffles City


Come and meet the four men who will set up house in the Singapore version of the Urban Dream Capsule.  Get a first-hand, exclusive look into their completed ‘lodgings’ and find out how they plan to ‘survive’ the 15-day live in programme while keeping Singapore audiences enraptured.  Interviews and visuals can be arranged. 


Moving – In Ceremony

 Date:  30 May 2004 (Sunday) 
 Time:  3.30 pm
 Venue:  Esprit Window outside Raffles City 


Help the men “warm up” their new home when they move in. With buskers, a high-energy percussion band and an excited crowd, expect much fanfare as the Boys move into their brand-new Singapore “digs”.



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