First Inbound Residencies for Chinese Language Theatre


First Inbound Residencies for

Chinese Language Theatre


Chinese language theatre practitioners looking to hone their skills will have more opportunities to do so in the coming months when the International Arts Residency (IAR) initiative rolls out its inaugural inbound residency programmes. The National Arts Council (NAC) will be partnering local Chinese language theatre groups Drama Box and The Theatre Practice (TTP) to launch a series of masterclasses and a drama camp aimed at developing Singapore’s Chinese language theatre scene. The programmes are set to recur over the next three to five years, and are supported by the IAR initiative, which was launched by NAC under the third phase of the Renaissance City Plan.


Ms Elaine Ng, Director for Arts Development for NAC, says, “The start of these inbound residencies represents a step towards providing more resources for local arts professionals to share and learn from their international counterparts. By partnering with local arts groups, we hope to enable our arts groups to become world-class hosts for residencies.”


“Recent years have seen a brief and encouraging revival of Chinese language theatre inSingapore. As such, it is important that we nurture a sustained interest and passion for Chinese language theatre in the younger generation, and in turn build the pool of talent and create future audiences for Chinese language theatre. These programmes aim to do so by addressing specific gaps in the scene.” says Ms Ng.


Drama Box

Contemporary Chinese language theatre company Drama Box is offering masterclasses by esteemed international theatre masters. Titled Blanc Space Masterclass Series, the classes are aimed at  local and regional Chinese language theatre practitioners. The series will begin with a prelude workshop from 20 to 23 December 2009 conducted by renowned Hong Kong  theatre director Tang Shu-wing, Dean of Drama at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. Following this, a two week long masterclass will take place from June to July 2010, also conducted by Tang and Danny Yung, Founder and Artistic Director of avart garde art collective Zuni Icosahedron.


 Mr Kok Heng Leun, Artistic Director of Drama Box, says, “It has been heartening to see more talents emerging and their interest in Chinese language theatre.  Drama Box’s Blanc Space Masterclass Series serves as an important space to facilitate these creative talents to learn, experiment and conduct exchanges. Through such masterclasses, we hope to see more practitioners join the scene, and perhaps the formation of more Chinese language theatre groups, leading to a proliferation of creative forces and exciting new work!”


The Theatre Practice

Students and young theatre professionals keen on getting a glimpse of the profession will be able to participate in a three-day drama camp led by TTP which is slated to take place in June 2010. Yung will head the drama camp, together with theatre practitioner and founder of PIP School Olivia Yan and Lang Zhu Yun, a veteran of the Taiwanese arts and entertainment industry and founder of Chun Wo Theatre.


Says Ms Kuo Jian Hong, Artistic Director of TTP, “This is an important initiative by NAC.  It provides us with the resources to reach directly to youths that are exploring Chinese language theatre and the young professionals who work in Chinese language theatre. Important artists such as Danny Yung, Gao Xing Jian and Stan Lai were introduced toSingapore through Chinese drama camps held in the 1980's.  Those camps made significant, long term impact on the Chinese language theatre community.  Relationships were built, knowledge exchanged, and many minds - including my own - were inspired. We are excited that through this opportunity to begin a new series of Chinese drama camps, we will have the return of Danny Yung, as well as new guest teachers Lang Zu Yung and Olivia Yan, offering diverse and inspiriting perspective to camp participants.”


The programmes will be adapted and expanded over consecutive editions to suit the participants and each year’s agenda. Theatre actors and directors who are conversant in Chinese and are interested in registering for the prelude workshop are invited to send in their personal details and CVs to Drama Box. Applications should be sent to  Registration closes 10 December 2009.


Annex – Bios of teaching artists


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