The Australian delegation visit follows Singapore’s participation in
Dance Massive 2015 in Melbourne, Australia earlier in March this year


From 25 to 27 November 2015, Singapore will welcome an Australian delegation comprising 10 reputed and seasoned practitioners and producers from  Australia’s dance and performing arts scene. Organised for the first time – and as part of a reciprocal visit Singapore did earlier this year[1] – the Singapore-Australia Dance Exchange is an initiative by the Australia Council for the Arts (AusCo) and the National Arts Council (NAC) Singapore, to encourage more cross-cultural collaboration. Its objectives are in line with the new cultural agreement[2] signed between Australia and Singapore earlier this year. This Dance Exchange is supported by the Cultural Diplomacy Fund.


2          Says Ms Kathy Lai, Chief Executive Officer of NAC,  “Apart from building greater reciprocal exchange between Australia and Singapore, this trip also aims to provide opportunities for Singapore dance practitioners and presenters to network and build connections with their Australian and international counterparts, and to start conversations for potential collaborations. These outcomes are integral to the Council’s efforts in developing our arts community on the international front.”


3          The Australian delegation comprises experts and producers from established arts groups and institutions in Australia. They include Victoria Chiu (Independent Dancer/Choreographer), Sue Healey (Choreographer and independent artist), Claire Hicks (Director of Critical Path), Patrick Lartey (Dancer/Choreographer), Danielle Micich (Artistic Director of Force Majeure), Liz Lea (Dancer/Choreographer and Artistic Director of Liz Lea Dance), Freya Waterson (Independent Producer), Liesel Zink (Dancer/Choreographer), Michael Dagostino (Director of Campbelltown Arts Centre), and Helen Herbertson (Choreographer/Academic).


4          Sharing broadly on what they are looking forward to during this visit in Singapore, Australian delegate Liesel Zink, a dancer and choreographer from Brisbane, Queensland, commented, “I have met some incredibly talented Singaporean dancers, and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to meet and learn more about the dance culture in Singapore. I hope to connect with a range of artists, and to push my own thinking into new and exciting territories. The potential to further conversations and open up future international collaborations excites me.”


5          Patrick (Lucky) Lartey, a dancer and choreographer as well from Sydney, New South Wales, added, "Singapore offers insight into what is on offer in Asia in terms of contemporary dance as well as being at the forefront of the exploration of intercultural dance forms in an Asian setting. I hope to be able to identify and solidify opportunities to present my work and to teach in Singapore as part of future contemporary dance events and festivals. I am looking forward to meeting the different dancers and companies, and to network across the contemporary dance space and getting to see all the different offerings from Singapore dancers."


6          As part of the visit, the delegates will attend a three-day programme comprising meet-and-greet sessions with established Singapore dance companies, networking sessions with industry players, a visit to The Esplanade, and two nights of dance performances by some of our home-grown groups and artists at the M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival – DiverCity 2015 showcase.


7          “We are excited to be co-presenting DiverCity 2015 with T.H.E Dance Company this year as part of the M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival. We hope that this year’s programme will give our Australian friends a taste of our home-grown dance groups and practitioners, and also show them the diversity and vibrancy that our dance scene has to offer.” says Ms Elaine Ng, Director for Sector Development (Dance and Traditional Arts) at NAC.


8          Earlier in March this year, NAC led a delegation of 16 dancers, artistic directors and venue presenters from Singapore, to attend the renowned Dance Massive 2015 in Melbourne, Australia. The delegates attended a five-day programme as part of the platform’s International Visitors Programme, which included visits to Australian dance companies, presenting venues such as the prestigious Australian Ballet and Arts Centre Melbourne, and networking sessions with Australian and international artists.


9          For more information on the featured artists and programmes for DiverCity 2015, please visit






Annex A: Profiles of delegates



[1] See Singapore delegation at Dance Massive 2015 press release here:

[2] See new SG-Australia cultural agreement press release here: