Discovering Lost Asian Stories Through Arts and Culture


To Inspire Reading, Learning and Sharing

12 schools and community groups participate in World of Stories,
a com.mune initiative by the Singapore Arts Festival


 Singapore, 4 April 2012 – Have you ever heard of the legend of Radin Mas or the stories behind Pulau Tekong and Pulau Ubin? What about the ancient Japanese folktale about The Mountain Where Old People Were Abandoned or a Korean myth of the Rabbit’s Judgment?


 2              The Singapore Arts Festival and the National Library Board (NLB) present the World of Stories, a community arts initiative that celebrates folktales, legends and myths of Asia that inspire values for living. From 7 April to 3 June 2012, visitors can participate in storytelling sessions, traditional craft workshops, and song and dance performances, inspired by folktales from Singapore, China, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea and Vietnam at 12 public libraries. Twelve local schools and community groups have joined hands with NLB to showcase these programmes.


3              Each of the 12 public libraries will also display a 2-metre tall book that features an Asian folktale. The book will also feature handmade puppets inspired by each story as puppetry is one of the most important mediums in this region through which stories and teachings are communicated and passed from one generation to another. The puppets are designed and handmade by students from the 12 schools and community groups. Visitors can solve the exciting puzzles in the World of Stories Passport activity book to discover fun facts and redeem a limited edition Singapore Arts Festival gift at the Festival Village located at the Esplanade Park from 18 May to 2 June 2012.


 4              “World of Stories is part of the NLB’s ongoing Arts and Culture 101 efforts to engage Singaporeans especially the young in the co-creation of works of art and performances. By bringing these programmes to the community, we hope that the exchange of ideas will spark interest, strengthen values and enliven appreciation for arts and culture,” says Ms Chan Wai Ling, Manager of Community Outreach and Engagement, Public Library Services Group, NLB. 

5              Says Low Kee Hong, General Manager of the Singapore Arts Festival, “The Festival’s theme this year, Our Lost Poems, strives to evoke curiosity about our heritage among our community. World of Stories celebrates Asia’s rich multi-cultural folklore and history by offering Singaporeans and the international community here an opportunity to share their stories with one another through creative and artistic means, thereby deepening the appreciation of various cultures in our region.”


 6              World of Stories is part of the suite of activities and programmes under com.mune, a vital year-long participation programme by the Singapore Arts Festival to sustain engagement with the community beyond the Festival period. The Festival this year will be held from 18 May to 2 June. For more information, please visit


Annex A  - World Stories Programme Line-up

Annex B - Factsheet on the World of Stories