NAC partners *SCAPE to grow street art scene

Street artists ANTZ and Band of Doodlers painting on *SCAPE’s commissioned Walls.

Photo credits to National Arts Council, Singapore.


Singapore, 17 March 2016 – The National Arts Council (NAC) announces a street art collaboration with *SCAPE, which will see exclusive wall spaces at *SCAPE’s facility open for artistic expression among aspiring and established street artists. The partnership will culminate in a street art party at the *SCAPE Youth Plaza this year-end.


Appointed spaces include three commissioned walls ideal for large-scale murals, which will be open for application via scheduled open calls throughout the year. Each wall will be available for a period of at least four months before the next open call seeking new artists is scheduled.

In addition to the commissioned walls, three practice walls will be made available to aspiring artists. Some artists who have already made their mark on them include Mohamed Aljufri Bin Mohamed Hazhar “Hastwo” and Rozaimie Bin Sahbi “Slacsatu”, who are part of Singapore's pioneer graffiti collective, ZincNiteCrew.


Artworks by Juri “Hastwo” (left) and Rozaimie Bin Sahbi “Slacsatu” (right) on *SCAPE’s practice walls.

Photo credits to National Arts Council, Singapore.


The newly opened walls at *SCAPE complement the spaces NAC has made available for street art, with others situated at the Rail Corridor Art Space, Goodman Arts Centre and Aliwal Arts Centre. To date, over 50 street artists have painted on these walls, including popular street art crew RSCLS, who will be curating an upcoming street art event organised by NAC’s Noise Singapore and Lush 99.5FM – Rail Collidoscope.


Happening this Saturday, 19 March, Rail Collidoscope is the final instalment of a series of street art events that have taken place at the Rail Corridor Art Space since May 2015, before temporarily closing for upgrading works. With the wall having seen over a hundred ever-evolving artworks by Singaporean and international street artists, this event will reunite over 40 artists for the live street art jams. It will also feature a line-up of Singaporean music acts such as Joie Tan, JAWN, Jaime Wong, Darren Dubwise and Intriguant. More details can be found here.


Artists interested in pursuing opportunities at *SCAPE can contact or 6521 6565 to find out more.