Choral Commissioning Grant launched to encourage growth of local choral works


Choral Commissioning Grant launched



to encourage growth of local choral works


Singaporeans may soon enjoy the sounds of more locally composed choral works.  The National Arts Council (NAC) has launched the Choral Commissioning Grant Scheme to develop local composers and to build up a repertoire of new choral works for Singapore choirs.


The Scheme provides up to a maximum grant quantum of $5,000 to defray the cost of commission.  The areas of funding assistance include composer's fee ($250-$500 per minute), cost of producing scores/parts and cost of obtaining related rights.   New works in any of the four official languages, as well as re-arrangements of existing non-choral local works into choral works, will be considered for funding.


“There is, currently, a strong base of choirs and composers in Singapore.  We hope, through this Commissioning Grant, to enhance the range and wealth of our store of local musical works, thereby increasing the repertoire of our choirs and encourage the presentation of choral works by local composers,” says Mr Leen Kim Swee, Director for Arts Capability Development, NAC.


The Grant is extended to collaborations between choral groups and composers, which must be established at the time of application.  The choral group is required to perform the completed work in a public concert at least once within the first year upon the completion of the commission, and at least twice over the next 2 years after the completion of the commission.  Successful applicants are eligible to apply for a Project Grant for their public performance of the completed commission work.


Applications should be made at least two months before commencing with the commission.  They will be assessed based on the artistic merit of the proposal, track record of the choral group and composer, the commitment to sustain and advance the artform in the Singapore arts scene as well as demonstration of good planning, sound budgeting and effective use of resources.


Application forms are available from the Council or from NAC website at  For enquiries, the public can contact Ms Tan Sin Nah at 6837 9518 or email: tan_


We invite you to lend publicity to this new grant scheme in your publications.


Annex : Choral Commissioning Grant Application Form