Drama Centre to Celebrate Inauguration with Week-Long Festival!


5 - 11 November


The new Drama Centre will be inaugurated on 4 November 2005 in a ceremony officiated by Dr Lee Boon Yang Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts.


Following the inauguration, a week-long festival entitled DC Celebrates! will be organised by the National Arts Council to commemorate the occasion. With over 50 theatrical and musical performances, film screenings, visual art exhibitions and workshops by local artists and arts groups, the festival will culminate with the joint official opening of the National Library and the Drama Centre on November 12. Admission to all events and performances is free, except Lao Jiu: The Musical (tickets sold through SISTIC).


The range of exciting performances and interactive activities lined up for the festival aims to connect with the community. Visitors can look forward to taking part in a public art project, trying their hands at making their own clay pot and to enjoying exhilarating showcases of music, dance and theatre. Highlights of the Festival include a specially commissioned installation by recent Young Artist Award recipient, Michael Lee. Others, like arts group spell#7’s Visitor Centre, combine interactive events, performances, installations and public discussions, to create fun and challenging encounters between artists and members of the public. Even more offerings come from the premiere of The Theatre Practice’s Lao Jiu: The Musical; Odyssey Dance Theatre’s Instinct; Moving Arts’ dance work Paint Me a Story; Sri Warisan’s dance performance NADI and ACTION Theatre’s Drunken Prawns, a brand new production of an award-winning play by celebrated playwright Desmond Sim.


The new Drama Centre is Singapore’s first dedicated, purpose built performing arts space offering state-of-the-art stage, lighting and sound systems. It comprises a 615-seat proscenium theatre, a black box and three multi-purpose function areas. The National Arts Council invites Singaporeans from all walks of life to come enjoy the programmes planned. From acapella to gamelan; from bhangra to modern dance; from photography to short films; from Chinese crosstalk to a range of other theatrical presentations, DC Celebrates! has something for everyone.


Please see Annex A for full list of events. For more programme details, kindly log on to http://nac.gov.sg/fac/dccelebrates.asp


We would appreciate it if you could kindly help us publicise DC Celebrates! Images of the programmes are available upon request.