Call for submissions for Singapore Art Show 2009


Call for submissions for Singapore Art Show 2009


21 August to 4 October 2009


(26 May 2009) The National Arts Council (NAC) and Singapore Art Museum (SAM) are pleased to invite visual arts submissions from Singapore and Singapore-based artists for the Singapore Art Exhibition 2009, co-presented by both organisations.


The Singapore Art Exhibition 2009 is the main feature of the Singapore Art Show (SAS), organised by the National Arts Council. The SAS is a national platform celebrating distinctive and outstanding art created by local and Singapore-based artists.  This biennial festival showcases the diversity of visual arts practices in Singapore, presents new artistic contents and further develops the capabilities of artists and curators.  It also aims to encourage public appreciation of and engagement in visual arts in Singapore. 


Now in its 3rd edition, the SAS2009 is spread over six weeks over 40 different venues. In addition to the Singapore Art Exhibition 2009, the SAS2009 will also present multiple niche platforms and satellite events, including the popular Curating Labs series. This year, the SAS2009 will have several components such as a Traditional Art, Re-engaging Traditions, which showcases and promotes traditional and ethnic art forms, a downloadable podcast show and an outdoor art fair. Together, these present unique curatorial visions and art forms, accessible and fun outreach activities and public art components to engage people in a myriad of visual and interactive offerings.


Says Mr Lim Chwee Seng, Director of Visual Arts and Resource Development, National Arts Council, “The Singapore Art Show is a showcase of national art talents and a springboard for artists like Jane Lee who won the inaugural Singapore Art Prize in 2007. Jane has since gone on to exhibit at the Singapore Biennale 2008 and in Vilnius, Lithuania last year. For Singapore Art Show 2009, we want to continue to engage visual artists, arts groups, arts businesses and institutions, and the Singaporecommunity in the creation and appreciation of quality artworks. Do look out for an exciting programme line-up that will activate the creative expressions of everyone." 


The Singapore Art Exhibition 2009 offers artists from all disciplines a national platform to participate via an open call for submissions. The best submission will be awarded the Singapore Art Exhibition Prize - a $50,000 grant which can be used for professional or capability development through residencies, further studies or training, and for the creation and/or presentation of bold, new projects and works.


“The Voters’ Prize”, comprising $5,000 cash, will be awarded to the participating artist whose artwork gets the most number of nominations from visitors to the exhibition.  For the young audiences, there will also be art competitions for primary and secondary students. Registration details will be announced at a later date.


The theme of this year’s Singapore Art Exhibition is ART BUFFET SINGAPORE! The ‘buffet’ concept was adopted as a mode of display and cultural consumption. Artists are empowered to select from a buffet spread of twelve themes to respond to. The buffet concept also offers a visual feast for audiences to attune themselves to the creative production of Singapore artists. Suggested themes include Food, Material, Ritual, Spectrum, Signs, Gesture, Craft, Body, Time, Space, Order and Humour.


Says Director of Singapore Art Museum, Mr Kwok Kian Chow, "Singapore Art Museum is pleased to be the co-organiser for the Singapore Art Exhibition. The Singapore Art Exhibition platform showcases the works of a vast range of talented Singapore artists in celebration of their personal perspectives and expressions.  The exhibition further helps to broaden the avenues for the development of the visual arts in Singapore with the objective to contribute to an increased interest and appreciation of the art practices in Singapore."


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