CURATORS-IN-PROGRESS - NUS Museum, in partnership with the NAC, creates a six-month programme for young aspiring curators


Singapore, 14 June 2012 – NUS Museum in partnership with the National Arts Council is organising Curating Lab: Curatorial-Intensive and Internship Programme 2012, a six-month programme designed for young and aspiring curators. The two-part programme begins with a curatorial-intensive designed as a workshop, followed by internship assignments with NUS Museum, Singapore Art Museum or Future Perfect, and a curatorial field trip to Bandung, Indonesia. In keeping with their institutional objectives, each of the participating institutions will introduce a specific internship programme for their respective group of interns. Participants will also have an opportunity to develop a final project, to be presented at the end or after the internship period.


The Curating Lab 2012 programme continues a partnership between NUS Museum and NAC, expanding the 2009 edition Curating Lab: 100 Objects (Remixed), then conceived as a three-day curatorial workshop. Curating Lab was first conceived by the NAC in 2005 as part of the Singapore Art Show to promote curatorial practice. Since then, this programme has evolved radically over four iterations to adapt to Singapore’s changing requirements


“Curating Lab serves as a critical tool to identify and groom future curators by providing relevant training and exposure to key professionals and institutions in Singapore and the region. With NUS Museum’s expertise, resources and networks, I am confident Curating Lab 2012 will lend much needed support towards developing the capabilities of aspiring curators and cultural agents,” said Philip Francis, Deputy Director, Sector Development (Visual Arts), National Arts Council.


As a university museum, NUS Museum, an institution of the NUS Centre for the Arts, the programme forms part of its broader focus in providing opportunities for student communities and aspiring curators to broaden their understanding about heritage institutions and their roles. As a programme that involves lectures, discussions and practice, Curating Lab provides a rich experience of learning, coupled by opportunities to interact with some of the most influential curators in the region.


Facilitating the programme will be Gwangju Biennale 2008 (Position Papers) curator Dr Patrick Flores and Singaporean artist-curator Heman Chong. Participating through lectures and discussions during the curatorial-intensive will be Cosmin Costinas, Executive Director of Para/Site Art Space (Hong Kong) and Pauline J. Yao, an independent curator based in Beijing. Curator-mentors for the institutional internship will involve Shabbir Hussain Mustafa (NUS Museum), Tan Siuli (Singapore Art Museum) and Dr David Teh (Future Perfect). A partner institution for the curatorial field trip will be Soemardja Gallery of the Institut Teknologi Bandung.


Says Ahmad Mashadi, Head of NUS Museum: “The curatorial-intensive and the internships bring together an excellent group of lecturers and mentors drawing from the region and Singapore - practicing curators whose approaches are both diverse and critically significant. For the participants, an exposure to such critical practices will highlight some of the fundamental questions such as roles and objectives of curating and contexts of practice.”


Describing the curatorial-intensive, Dr Patrick Flores expands, “The workshop will look at curatorial interventions in institutional and everyday spaces as potentially emergent, poised to converse with the “elsewhere” that inheres in them; prone to play with the possibilities of failure and error and not only committed to norm; and positioned to speculate and surmount contradictions.”


Curating Lab 2012 kicks off with the curatorial-intensive on 30 July to 6 August 2012 and is aimed at final-year tertiary students, fresh graduates and young curators who have worked for less than 3 years in the arts and heritage industry. Interested applicants can visit the Curating Lab 2012 blog ( for more details on how to apply. Application begins on 15 June 2012 and closes on 15 July 2012.


Curatorial-Intensive: 30 July to 6 August 2012
Internship: 13 August to 2 November 2012
Regional Field Trip: 10-12 September 2012



Please see annexes for more information:

Annex 1: Programme Information and Highlights
Annex 2: Application Information