CEO of National Arts Council resigns


Mr Choo Thiam Siew will resign as Chief Executive Officer of the National Arts Council effective 1 August 2003. He joined the Council as Deputy Executive Director in August 1996 and assumed top management position in August 1997. Mr Choo has played a pivotal role in leading the Council to further Singapore’s goal as a global city of the arts and his leadership has resulted in much higher profile for the Council.


Some of the major milestones during Mr Choo’s tenure with the Council include the restructuring exercise in 1997, where he aligned the Council’s work according to business functions concentrating on the development of artists, audience, arts programmes and research. It was then that he established the International Relations Unit to raise the profile of Singapore and artists overseas. Mr Choo led the Council in implementing the recommendations of the Renaissance City Report 2000, which articulated the vision of Singapore as a world-class city supported by a vibrant cultural scene and outlined the strategies required to bring the arts scene forward. New schemes and initiatives were introduced to provide opportunities and financial assistance for our artists, and to bring the arts closer to the community through collaborations with our partners. The organisation and staff have also benefited from his leadership in internal organisation efficiency and human resource management.


The Council Members, management and staff of the National Arts Council would like to thank Mr Choo for his contributions and wish him all the very best in his future endeavors. A search for a new CEO for the Council is underway.