Buskers Can Keep All Proceeds


Buskers are no longer required to donate their proceeds to charity. This was one of the recommendations made by the Remaking Singapore Committee under the thrust to enlarge the space for expression and experimentation. The government has accepted the recommendation.


Good quality busking is now more widely accepted as an arts activity with high entertainment value. Busking enlivens the streets of Singapore and adds colour to our city life. In addition, it provides artists a platform to showcase their talents and make the arts more accessible to the public.


The Busking Scheme was introduced in 1997. Guidelines for busking are reviewed periodically to improve the Scheme. In 2001, buskers were exempted from licensing and only required an endorsement letter from the Council. The removal of the requirement to donate proceeds to charity is a further relaxation of busking regulations. However, NAC will continue to ensure that only good quality buskers get their endorsement through auditions.


The number of registered buskers has increased from 84 in 2001 to 163 this year. Busking activities range from music, circus acts/balloon sculpting to caricature and body painting. There are now 150 busking sites available. 


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