The 2021 Arts & Heritage Scholars with Mr Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, Mrs Rosa Daniel, Chief Executive Officer, National Arts Council, and Ms Chang Hwee Nee, Chief Executive Officer, National Heritage Board. Image courtesy of the National Arts Council.



18 August 2021, Singapore – In emerging stronger as an arts community, and to inspire and uplift society in a post pandemic world, there is a need for diverse talents to enrich our arts and heritage ecosystem. This year, 10 outstanding individuals have been awarded the National Arts Council (NAC) and National Heritage Board (NHB) Scholarships. These scholarships nurture exceptional talent who are committed to drive the development of Singapore’s arts, heritage, and culture sector.


To support such talent development and long-term sustainable growth of the sector, NAC has committed over $600,000 this year to eight scholarship recipients while two NHB Scholarship recipients will receive more than $200,000 to further their studies.


The NAC Arts Scholarship recipients will further their studies in a wide range of disciplines, such as percussion performance, composing and art law. The pandemic has also given fresh impetus to the intersection of arts and areas such as technology, well-being and community building. Accordingly, NAC has supported applicants in arts and technology, dance therapy and community arts.


Upon completion of their studies, scholars can look forward to meaningful opportunities to develop and sustain their careers. NAC continues to partner the sector in providing opportunities for scholars to be hosted by arts and cultural institutions where they will broaden their networks and gain exposure to skillsets beyond their immediate areas of training, in addition to receiving support through mentorship and career guidance.


At NHB, scholars play an active role in safeguarding Singapore’s heritage, by celebrating our diverse cultures with local audiences, and exchanging experiences, knowledge and ideas with the international community. The NHB Scholarship recipients will explore areas such as archaeology, conservation, museum studies, curatorial studies and history.


The broader range of disciplines supported by the Arts and Heritage Scholarships over the years reflects the growth and maturity of Singapore’s arts, culture and heritage ecosystem, and the deepening of capabilities across a range of specialisations. Through the scholarships, we hope to encourage talented individuals to pursue varied careers in these sectors, and develop future leaders who inspire their peers and galvanise the arts and culture landscape in Singapore.


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  • Annex A – The NAC Arts Scholarship and 2021 NAC Arts Scholarship Recipients
  • Annex B – The NHB Scholarship and 2021 NHB Scholarship Recipients